Saturday Obsession: Pink cheeks

Okay, so lately – and now forgive me for mentioning my love for this season again, but I think it has something to do with the colder weather – I have been loving pink cheeks. But not the pink “I just put on some pink blush” kind of cheeks. I am talking the “My cheeks are flushed after a mountain hike/hike in the rain and wind” kind of cheek.

I was pinning around on Pinterest yesterday, and ended up analyzing every pink blush picture after my obessions standars – in other words looking at each picture thinking “Have these cheeks been exposed to the harsh nature, or not?” If it looks like they have, then I am desperately searching for the blush used. As you can see from the pictures below, these girls most likely haven’t been out hiking – but the colour and application of their blush can almost fool you. As always they are more pictures on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest board!






Saturday obsession: braids

The Saturday obsession being hair themed is no wonder. Previously I have obsessed over the fringe, the messy long bob and the messy bun. Today’s S.O. post is all about the messy, untidy braid. (Sidenote: there seems to be a pattern in the messyness of he hair obsessions!)

I love a good braid, the thicker the better. When Alexander Wang brought out the side braids to the runway in 2010, I was as obsessed as the next girl. It’s something about the way this hairstyle is on the one hand very put together, and on the other completely random and careless. I’ve included three favorites in this post, but there is heaps more on the Etc. Beauty Saturday Obsession Pinterest board. 




Selena Gomez arrives for The Late Show With David Letterman.

Saturday Obsession: Autumn style

As recently mentioned, j’adore fallor autumn, depending on where you’re from. Either way. August rolls in and I am filled with a newfound excitement for so many things. I have always loved the beginning of a new semester, and the feeling of excitement and anticipation. Promises of a better year, a strict schedule and a new and improved work ethic. And let’s not forget the autumn clothes! This Saturday I’m deep into mood boarding, searching the interweb for inspiring outfits and clothes. For fall I am all about jeans, button-downs and woollen jumpers. Cardigans and skirts are also a match made in heaven, and I pair it all with a nice, big men’s watch and my Marc Jacobs reading glasses. I also get really inspired by mens fashion, and the classic pieces like oxford shirts, tweed blazers and collared cardigans. Got to love a man in a white, crisp shirt!

Now, mostly I find my inspiration from Tumblr and Pinterest, but for the sake of sharing I’ve only included pictures from the Saturday Obsession Pinterest board – I dearly love tumblr, but finding the original sources for photos is almost impossible. If you are a lover of tumblr as well, check out my tumblr page; it’s personal though, so not so much makeup and fashion to be found.





Saturday Obsession: the messy bun

Another Saturday, another obsession, another hair style. This week have been embossed by two things: the heat, and a lot of work. Now, these two separately might call for an easy up-do in regards to the hair, but combined it’s down right necessary! Now, the messy bun is a much tried, much failed style. Most of the successful ones have been (in my own personal case) random and a by-chance-success. Being ‘blessed’ with quite a lot of hair, I find the cutest messy buns to be those teeny tiny ones – this may have much to do with my own buns always being more on the messy side.

Here is a selection of messy buns I love, and have tried during the week. All images are via the Saturday Obsession Pinterest board – where you can find many more messy buns, and previous SO’s.






Saturday Obsession: Heavy eye makeup

It may come as no surprise that I am rather fascinated with the heavy eye makeup, seeing as “Factory Girl” is one of my go-to movies for makeup inspiration, and the TBD lived-in eyeliner is one of my most coveted looks. The full on intense eyeliner, dark shadows in the crease, a full brow and a lot of mascara. On the verge of towie, but still quite chic. When done right, that is!

Seeing as heavy eye makeup can go very wrong really fast, I spend a lot of time searching around the web for the perfect kind of look. Seeing as it’s Saturday, there might be an occasion for wearing a slightly more daring look when regarding makeup tonight. Here are some of my favorite takes on heavy eye makeup.






All images, and more, on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board.

Saturday Obsession: Messy long bob

I love having long hair, and having saved my hair for two years after the last time I cut it, I am quite happy about it. But then I go on to Chapter Friday (a genius website, Yara and her team are brilliant at the content they make) and take a glance at Yara’s hair and then… Well, it’s kind of like the fringe. My eyes go towards the scissors and I start to think “well, it is just hair“. For now I think I’ll let it be with the pictures, but I really love the effortless look of the messy, shoulder length hair. Alexa Chung has perfected this style for a long time. Olivia Palermo does it really well, and of course, my main girl crush Sienna Miller looks adorable in this style. The effortlessness and easy mess makes this style look very chic, but not too styled and proper. With natural waves and layers, it flows really well.

I always end up looking a bit crazy with this style as my hair is really thick and frizzy. But when I get over the long rug of a hair I have now, I might just take these pictures to the hairdressers.



e325129f1bcf625acfa1c16487fb729fAll images and more can be found on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board.


Online fave: TBD lived-in eyeliner



Image via The Beauty Department Pinterest


The Beauty Department is a beauty central online. Run by what one could call the Lauren Conrad Beauty Team, they chern out beauty, hair, skincare and other tips on a daily basis. It’s a safe place to go when looking for a pretty braided hairstyle, a new way to do your nails or if you’re feeling like a healthy snack. This last week they posted a makeup look that just hit home. The “Street Model Eyes” makes me think of Mary-Kate Olsen, or even Taylor Momsen before she really went off the deep end. It gives off a “I woke up like this – after a big night out” vibe, but still manages to look somewhat put together. The liner is truly lived-in, but with a fresh face and light lip, it can easily be adapted to a daytime look. In true TBD style, the full low down on how to and how to not screw it up, is posted together with a step-by-step picture tutorial. The Beauty Department always always always delivers.