5 blogposts you should check out


Image via Pinterst (how I would love for this to be where I am doing my Sunday blog reading today!)


Sundays are known as the unofficial blog day of the week. Everyone posts, everyone has the time to read and interact. I find that Sundays are good for soaking up some inspiration, working on the motivation and focusing on the pretty visuals all around. Here are five blogposts that can make for some good Sunday reads:

1. The College Prepster – Better With Age

This post is so good! Carly from The College Prepster is always so inspiring both on her blog and on Instagram. This post is about how she is actually quite happy to be turning 25, and how aging is a good thing. She writes about how much she’s changed in a year, and this post really left me hopeful and happy about the future.

2. Chapter Friday – amazing Scandinavian Apartments we’d like to live in

Okay so interior – yes. Scandinavian interior – double yes! Chapter Friday never fails to deliver in both inspiration and wonderful visuals. I really enjoy these kind of inspiration posts on blogs, as what inspires one person is very likely to inspire someone else.

3. Camilla Phil – So then this happened

Camilla Phil is one of the biggest bloggers in Norway, and for good reason. She takes such wonderful pictures, and as in the post mentioned; they give me undefined inspiration. I can’t tell you exactly what her posts leave me with, but it’s something along the lines of comfort and a want to do something. I think that’s a very good thing!

4. Lucca Magazine – Porcrastination Prevention

Lucca Magazine is a Tumblr blog filled with style posts, interior posts, inspirational posts and the likes. The visual aspect of the page is gorgeous, and I can easily spend an hour browsing through the posts.

5. Youblush – Beauty Organizing

Sarah Rostrup, the previous beauty editor of Eurowoman magazine, writes the bog Youblush. As she’s a beauty blogger she serves up a lot of good content, and this post all about organizing beauty – and with so many good pictures! I just love it.


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