5 inspiring female bloggers



Image via “Learning how to say no” from TCP (a post you really should read!).

Some weekends ago I shared 5 blog posts for inspiration. I have also shared my top five beauty blogs in the past, but this Sunday’s top five is dedicated to the female bloggers that really should be read and admired.

1. The College Prepster

This girl, Carly Heitlinger, is one big inspiration. She writes inspiring and thought provoking thoughts, as well as share fashion and style tips. Most of all I enjoy her blog because she’s such a type A person – but still embraces all the ways failing and not doing well can actually be a positive force. I always turn to her blog for inspiration both for school, work and personal life.

2. A Beautiful Mess

This blog has been a favorite for years. Elsie Larson is sucha creative and hard working girl, sharing DYIs, interior tips and so much more. She always inspires me to make hand made cards, bake something new or spray paint, well, anything! I really think she stands for something big in the way she does it all, and more, herself. Also, her husband makes really good music.

3. Garance Doré

Everyone knows who Garance Doré is, and for good reason. This fabulous french lady is an awesome photographer, a great writer and she makes even better illustrations. I love how she puts so much personality in everything she makes, yet keeps her site strictly professional. Such an inspiration, and a great way to pop over to Paris for a split second.

4. Chapter Friday

I have mentioned Chapter Friday, and Yara, many times before. But this page really just sums up everything I enjoy. Great graphic design, impeccable style and inspiring content. If anything, Chapter Friday inspires me to create, and to keep creating.

5. Maxie McCoy

Maxie is, as mentioned in this post, such an important voice and she really puts her finger on a lot of things that keep me occupied – often in a bad way. Her recent post about “Sitting in your shit” really hit home, and her spin on the whole thing just brightened my day tons. I subscribe to her posts, so every so often they turn up in my email. And they always, always make me feel better or more positive about my day.


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