Beauty Craving: that handcreme they’re all talking about



Image via Chapter Friday + Pinterest.

So, not too many weeks ago Yara off of Chapter Friday wrote a little post about this handcreme. Then i saw a picture of it on Pinterest. And last week, I found it in a story by chance and tried it on. Now, if that isn’t the universe serving up a little miracle train prompting me to get my hands on this handcreme (yes, see what I did there?) then I don’t know what it is!

First of all, the smell is heaven! I never by handcremes without wearing them for some time, as you never know if they are the sink in kind or the greazeball, getting-all-over-your-phone-and-keyboard-kind. The L:A Bruket handcreme is the heavenly scented, I just have to have it kind. I have far too many handcremes laying around as I always pick them up in airports, but seriously. This baby has to be mine, especially as it’s heavily scented with sage, rosemary and lavender, it’s just perfect for fall.




Beauty Craving: another re-purchase



Image via Pinterest.

As mentioned in the post about evening skincare, I really enjoy using the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum. It really is a luxurious part of my routine, and I don’t automatically get amazing, perfect skin when using it. But when I stop using it, I can literally feel my skin dry up and go a bit dull. As of last week I am in desperate need of a new one, as I have squeezed the last precious drops out of the pipette. As I have no idea where to go next, and as I really like the feel of the Advanced Night repair, I think I’ll be going for a re-purchase soon. Do you have a recommendation for a serum I should try in stead?

Beauty Craving: the Burberry nude lipstick


Image via Pinterest.


Allure Magazine recently released their best of beauty 2014 list, and I was all over that pinterest board. There are so many products on it, and for every aspect of beauty and alike. Now, many of the featured products are quite obvious and much raved about. Naturally, their being on the list is just another rave in their honour – and I am sure they are as good as they are rumoured to be. One of these ‘well obviously’ products, is the Burberry Beauty Lip Cover in Nude Rose No. 25. Oh my how pretty is this lipstick? The Burberry check is of course a nice detail, but the colour is just perfect. The more I hear about this shade, the more I need it.

Have you tried out this, or any of the other Beauty Lip Covers?

Beauty Craving: The fan brush



Image from Lauras blogpost.

So, Laura from buynowbloglater is one of my all time favorite beauty bloggers. Since her YouTube days, I have enjoyed her tips and recommendations. Some time ago she wrote this post about the Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush.  As Laura states, it is a must have – and after reading her post, I am wholeheartedly agreeing. First of all, it is gorgeous just to look at. And with it being raved about left, right and center on YouTube and blogs, it must be as goof as ‘they’ say! One of the perks with a large fan brush, is that when you get the hang of it, the application is close to perfect every time. I think for me, this would be my highlighter brush and when applied lightly with a fan brush, highlighters can seem like a natural glow in stead of a powder product on the skin. A little bit of makeup magic, and that’s not bad for just one brush, is it? Definitely on my beauty wish list.

Weekly Beauty Craving: Everything Charlotte Tilbury

… But especially the eyeshadow quads. Come on, how gorgeous do they look! I was recently reminded of them after reading an article in the August issue of American Vogue, but the Charlotte Tilbury products have been in the beauty wind for a long time. The quads have been all over the beauty blogging world since they were first released, and my lust for them just keeps growing stronger. Ruth from A Model Recommends uses the Vintage Vamp eyeshadow quad in the video below, in addition to many other Charlotte Tilbury products, and my oh my does it look amazing.

From the luxe packaging, the heavy pigments to the very pleasing colour range. I need me some Charlotte Tilbury makeup, ASAP!


Weekly Beauty Craving: Chanel Illusion d’Ombre



Image via Pinterest.

Oh my how my hearts skips a beat every time I see a pot of Chanel Illusion d’Ombre. Ever since these came out about three years ago, I have been eyeing them up. Recently I was at a Chanel counter, and browsed the colour selection as always. My oh my how gorgeous the quality of these shadows are. Rich in pigment, shiny and warm. As I’ve been quite lazy with the eye makeup after getting eyelash extensions, I think a pot of this shadow heaven would be a good pick for nighttime makeup. Something dark and warm like the 83 Illusoire or the 92 Diapason. As they are quite pricey I might be on the fence for a bit longer, but I sure enjoy seeing these shadow pots in action; like here in Elle Fowlers video, or browsing the colour range on the Chanel website.


Beauty Craving: Another scented candle


Image via Pinterest.

Yes, I feel like scented candles are beauty products. And in the world of beauty blogging they certainly are treated almost with as much attention as beauty products. I don’t know if you remember, but in the early days of Etc. Beauty I mentioned my love for the Diptyque Candles. Now, I don’t know if it is the amazing scents, or the luxury of them, but they just make me so blooming happy! I buy my Diptyques ay Heaven Scent, and recently I went in there sniffing (as you do when in a scent themed boutique). Here I caught a whiff of a candle I just really need in my life.

Byredo is a very luxe brand of scented candles, perfumes (the bottles are amazing – Estée form Essiebutton show them in her latest Scandinavian vlog) and body products. The scent that caught my attention was Bibliothèque. Oh holy moly, I felt my inner Rory Gilmore go berserk at the name. But the smell – oh the smell! As I am terrible at describing scents I’ll just copy+paste the notes: ” Top: Peach, Plum. Heart: Violet, Peony. Base: Pathcouli, Leather, Vanilla.”

I am actually surprised by all the flowers and fruits, as the scent is quite masculine. It’s not very heavy, so this might be where the lightness comes to play. All I know is I can’t stop thinking about this candle, so maybe it will have to be my little beginning of semester present to myself. Yes, I am the kind of girl who will make any occasion a reason to by myself gifts.