ESSIE Wicked


I am just stating this for reference now: This is the perfect autumn nail polish. Okay, now that’s said, the ESSIE Wicked is an all time favorite when it comes to the “so dark red it’s almost black” kind of shades (more on my love for them here).

In the picture above it actually does look black, and I do find that it turns darker over time. This picture was taken four days after application – and no chips ahead! I thank my trusted top coat for that. I usually go for two coats of Wicked as the first coat tends to get streaky and uneven, but I you’re the patient kind then one coat will do. That will give you are more red than black shade. I really love how this colour goes with everything for autumn, but especially with charcoal grey and dark green. These dark shades are just the epitome of fall!


Saturday Obsession: Oxblood Nails

Now, the colour term “oxblood” seems to be quite controversial in the beauty world. Some love it, other hates it. But the name describes the colour so well. Other names could be maroon, bordeaux, dark red, wine red etc. Whatever you call it, the rose smells sweet whatever the name, if you know what I mean.

The dark red nail is an autumn staple, and heavily used during NYFW 2014 it would seem. I have included three of many pictures form the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board. Now the next step is to find that perfect shade. I already have a love for ESSIEs “Bordeaux” and the Chanel “Rouge Noir”. It would seem that “Skirting the Issue” from ESSIE is my next dark red nail polish purchase.






A new bordeaux



It’s getting chillier, the skies are darker and the autumn is coming (wow, that suddenly sounded like an Game of Thrones episode!). But as I have mentioned earlier, this really is a season close to my heart. I am a freezer, and I love it when I can bundle up in wool and cashmere and make myself warm with lots, and lots of layers. My wardrobe is heavily influenced by darker shades this season, and the same goes for my nails. I turn to the greys, camels, dark blues and the dar reds during the autumn/winter. And like many are forever on the search for the perfect shade of pink, I am always looking for that just right shade of bordeaux nail polish.

Now, I am no stranger to the drugstore/superdrug when it comes to makeup. But my nail polishes are mostly Essie, Dior or the likes. I just find that the quality tends to be better in the higher end, not to mention the colour selection. But the other day I was in my local H&M (this is where I caved and let the beauty blogger influence trigger a purchase) i stumbled upon the MaxFactor counter. Can I just say, wow, have their colour range changed! So many pretty colours in the Glossfinity range, but I limited myself to two. A light, nude-ish pink called Sugar Pink, and a bordeaux called Burgundy Crush. This shade of red is more on the pink/blue side (don’t let the image above fool you, I could just not catch the colour correctly!) and the biggest successes with this polish: It’s a one-coat wonder. Really, on the picture from this post I have only one coat of polish and a coat of top coat on. That, for me, is such a winner. Now this bordeaux is lighter than I would prefer, but during the change between summer and fall I am prepared to use the Burgundy Crush as a soft transition. Way to go, MaxFactor!

The Beauty Bloggers made me do it: Seche Vite



Yes, I caved. The infamous top coat on every beauty bloggers nail is now a part of my collection. Seche Vite is highly praised, and one of the most popular top coats in the beauty world. When I saw it in my local H&M (of all the places!) I could not help but grab a bottle. When something is so often mentioned, it has to be tested, right? As for the praises: yes, it’s good. It’s very good. Now I am not prepared to say that it is better than my beloved L’oréal top coat, but it is a good one. Now for the finish, I really love how shiny it is. This is the main reason I love it, it has that gel-like effect. When it dries it doesn’t go as hard as my beloved shinissime gel. This is something I quite dislike; I am a nail bumper, and it annoys me so much when I have dents in my polish. All in all this top coat is everything they say – which is including the smell. This stuff smells like poision, and I am quite convinced that the toxcinc in this shizz is going directly into my lungs. If you do buy this, I would highly suggest an open window or even going outside to apply it! Now for the polish pictured above, more on this later in the week. 

L’oréal La Manicure Shinissme Gel




aka The best top coat ever. 

You know what they say: A nail polish is only as good as its top coat. Ok, maybe ‘they’ don’t say that, but it’s true. You can dedicate as much time and patience in applying your favorite nail varnish, but securing it with a good top coat is really the last important step to a good manicure. Having tried many a top coat over the years, I have finally found one that is worth the repurchase.

The L’oréal La Manicure Shinissme Gel Top Coat is really just so good. It’s easy to apply and surprisingly thin in formula, as it gives a quite thick overlay on the nail. It dries really, really shiny; every time I use this topcoat, I get questions about where I get my nails done. Winning. The gel formula (not really gel as it is not a permanent lacquer, but still) really seals the varnish and keeps the nails free of chipping for days and days.

Such a good product, but unfortunately the bottle is teeny tiny – please L’oréal, make it larger and I’ll be so happy!

5 tips for a beauty focused Sunday



Image via Pinterest

Even though the battle between the enjoyment of the weekend and the anxiety at the though of another week daunting, there should be positivity linked to Sundays. This is the one day of the week where it’s really ok not to make plans, and to focus on #1 – you. This Sunday, focus on the beauty stuff you never find time for during the weeks six busy days.


1. A long bath

If you should be so lucky that you have a bathtub, use it! It really is a luxury craved by those who don’t have it, and neglected by most that do. Just like most luxuries really, but moving on. If you don’t have the opportunity to take a bath, make the most out of your shower time. Put on some relaxing music, turn of the lights and light a scented candle. Showering in candlelight really is a very relaxing experience, and it separates the Sunday shower from all other showers.

2. Use those special products

Whip out the expensive moisturizer, the luxe body scrub and take the time to fake-tan (if that’s something you do). Remember the whole body; foot cream, hand cream, serum for the face and something nice for the hair. Take your time, and relax with those products you save for the special occasions.

3. Mask time

A face mask is something most people really enjoy, when they use one. Finding those 10-30 minutes to really let it sink in and work it’s business is not always easy. On a Sunday you should make time for a mask, drink a cup of tea or read a book while you let it set in. Follow up with a gentle face massage when rinsing it off. It’s those little things. 

4. Get them nails did

An at-home manicure doesn’t have to be an hour long affair. Remove old polish, file, buff and remove all nasty grime. Pick your favorite shade and take the time to let it fully dry – this is key, as most mid-week manicures often suffer from hastiness. If you feel extra fancy, remember those toenails as well!

5. Hair treatments

With hot tools, pollution and product overload, your hair takes a toll during the week. Take the Sunday to mend and care for your hair. If you feel product building up, a cleansing shampoo is a good idea (Bumble & Bumble’s Sunday Shampoo seems fitting). Give your hear that extra care, with a hair mask or a conditioning treatment. If you have time for a longer morning shower on Monday, an overnight treatment (Like the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer) will do wonders for those dry, tired strands.

ESSIE Urban Jungle



As mentioned in the ESSIE Reds post, when it comes to nailpolish, ESSIE never fails to offer every shade between here and eternity. Literally, 50 shades of pink anyone? And even with this enormous colour selection, they still never fail to bring out new I have to have that as I have nothing like it kind of shades every season. The Summer 2014 collection provides a lot of diversity. Some of the shades are absolutely crazy (Ruffles & Feathers in one example, I would never!), but there are some gems. I picked up Haute in the Heat and Urban Jungle, but am thinking there might be a need to go back and get Fierce, No Fear as well…


Urban Jungle is a light lilacy-pinky-greyish colour (why is colour and scent description so hard?) that changes shade with your skintone. When on the paler side it seems more pink-lilac, but if you are darker skinned, or for when the summer tan sets in, the greyness is more visible. It’s a good opaque varnish, by ESSIE standards this means two coats, and when sealed with a top coat (I used No Chips Ahead by ESSIE) it will last a good four-five days. For maximum nail protection, the Trind base coat is a staple – read more about that, and other tools for nailing your manicure HERE.