Beauty Craving: that handcreme they’re all talking about



Image via Chapter Friday + Pinterest.

So, not too many weeks ago Yara off of Chapter Friday wrote a little post about this handcreme. Then i saw a picture of it on Pinterest. And last week, I found it in a story by chance and tried it on. Now, if that isn’t the universe serving up a little miracle train prompting me to get my hands on this handcreme (yes, see what I did there?) then I don’t know what it is!

First of all, the smell is heaven! I never by handcremes without wearing them for some time, as you never know if they are the sink in kind or the greazeball, getting-all-over-your-phone-and-keyboard-kind. The L:A Bruket handcreme is the heavenly scented, I just have to have it kind. I have far too many handcremes laying around as I always pick them up in airports, but seriously. This baby has to be mine, especially as it’s heavily scented with sage, rosemary and lavender, it’s just perfect for fall.




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