The Bobbi Brown Lipstick



So lately I’ve been trying to branch out and not opt for the nude or the my lips but better pick when choosing my lipsticks. I felt quite dearing when I bought my last Chanel shade (and still do, but love it every time I wear it). Recently I have tried to grow my love for the shades I already own, and one of these shades is the 22 Sandwash Pink from Bobbi Brown.

I mentioned this one in a post a good while back, but as I searched around my lip stash the other day I realized I haven’t worn this for a long time. One reason is that the Sandwash Pink is quite a red pink, and I often feel like the bluer shades go better with my skin. As I’m a warm skintone this throws me off, and I keep trying to make it work. The shade also bleeds a lot, so I have to pair it with a lip pencil. The NARS Bettina actually works good as a base colour for Sandwash Pink, both products being quite matte they stick well together. If you have any suggestions for what to pair this shade with, let me know!


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