5 tv-shows perfect for Sundays



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Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s just the perfect day for lounging around in your PJs and watching a bit of crap TV. I am a huge fan of binge wathing tv-shows, bith for relaxing but also while I am cleaning. Here are my top five shows for a lazy Sunday.

1. The Hills

This is such a given. Lauren Conrad in her early, Teen Vogue years. The Speidi drama, Brody Jenner, Audrina and all the rest. This show is just an all time fave – and as I own all of the six seasons, I basically know it by heart. I love to follow the girls, especially Laruen, Lo and Whitney, and how they evolve. Style-wise and life-wise. I also love The City, although I find that show to be a little too much not-so-authentic-drama. Yes, I know the Hills was never a full on reality show, but let me keep living in my little bubble of ignorance.

2. Made in Chelsea

This Biritish reality-drama is just amazing. It follows the kids of the Royal Borough of Chelsea; the posher part of London. I love the characters, as much as I love to loath them. The series has been running for seven seasons, and the new season takes place in New York. As the Hills it is not a show if you want something mentally stimulating. If you want fashion, drama and big hair – this is for you.

3. Sex and the City

I don’t think this one needs a description. It’s just so good, always relevant and a safe little friend. I especially love season six – even though I cannot stand the Russian. You feel me?

4. Luther

This is something a bit different. A british crime series, featuring the gorgeous Idris Elba as the somewhat unorthodox detective John Luther. This series is such a good one in the way it’s crime – but much more on the psychological side. It reminds me of both The Fall and Top of the Lake. Absolutely worth a try if you’re into crimes.

5. Felicity

Oh how I love this show. It’s originally from the 90’s and revolves around Felicity Porter and her time at college in New York. This show differs from similar “young people at college” shows in the way it deals with quite real problems; financial problems, struggles revolved around academics and relationships on a more real basis. I can’t quite explain it, but the feel of the show is much more authentic than most.


Satruday Obsession: The Burberry Monogrammed cape

Okay, so let’s just begin this week’s Saturday Obsession of the video above. Paloma Faith performing her amazing song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” during the even more amazing A/W 14 Burberry Runway Show. I almost cannot. After this show the rave about the monogrammed cape the models are wearing was huge. And I am completely there: It’s just gorgeous.As Rachel Zoe would say “That cape. I die.”

Of course, being not only Burberry but Burberry lambswool and cashmere, the cape itself is way out of my reach. I won’t begin to list what I could buy for the same kind of money. But, the look is absolutely something to obsess over – and achieve. The cape/poncho/big scarf silouette is just perfect for the autmun, and I have been crazy about it ever since Mary Kate Olsen paraded her big poncho/shawl some years ago. I also have a thing for the Louis Vuitton cape, but again those damn finances. I can at least drool over them, and other more reasonably priced items – as always you can find more pictures on the S.O. Pinterest board.






Beauty Craving: Another scented candle


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Yes, I feel like scented candles are beauty products. And in the world of beauty blogging they certainly are treated almost with as much attention as beauty products. I don’t know if you remember, but in the early days of Etc. Beauty I mentioned my love for the Diptyque Candles. Now, I don’t know if it is the amazing scents, or the luxury of them, but they just make me so blooming happy! I buy my Diptyques ay Heaven Scent, and recently I went in there sniffing (as you do when in a scent themed boutique). Here I caught a whiff of a candle I just really need in my life.

Byredo is a very luxe brand of scented candles, perfumes (the bottles are amazing – Estée form Essiebutton show them in her latest Scandinavian vlog) and body products. The scent that caught my attention was Bibliothèque. Oh holy moly, I felt my inner Rory Gilmore go berserk at the name. But the smell – oh the smell! As I am terrible at describing scents I’ll just copy+paste the notes: ” Top: Peach, Plum. Heart: Violet, Peony. Base: Pathcouli, Leather, Vanilla.”

I am actually surprised by all the flowers and fruits, as the scent is quite masculine. It’s not very heavy, so this might be where the lightness comes to play. All I know is I can’t stop thinking about this candle, so maybe it will have to be my little beginning of semester present to myself. Yes, I am the kind of girl who will make any occasion a reason to by myself gifts. 

Eyelash extensions – the pros and the cons



So for my birthday this year I was gifted eyelash extensions by one of my friends. I had been keen to try them for some time, but the cost and the hassle had always stopped me. Now I’ve been wearing them for some time, and have had my first re-fill (that sounds so weird and beverage-like). In stead of going on about if and how and why or why not, I thought I would give you the main pros and cons – in case you’re considering trying it out for yourself!


It is such a timesaver! I spend 80% less time getting ready each morning, and my evening skincare is no longer a lengthy process. I have always resented removing eye makeup as I hate rubbing my eyes and lashes. Problem solved!

As I feel more “made up” with the lashed, I most days opt for less makeup in general. Now a days my makeup routine includes filling in brows, contouring, blush and a bit of highlight. If my dark circles are extremely bad I opt for a bit of concealer (no, the case on the picture above is not categorized as extreme, though I should maybe have considered some concealer for those puppies).

You need less eye makeup when you actually put some on. For nights out I skip both the mascara and eyeliner, and often just use two shadows as the lashes do a lot on their own. So a con could be that I use my eye makeup less, but that’s not really something I’m worried about – after all, eyeshadow keeps for a long time!


It is quite expensive, but compared to what I spend on mascara and eyeliner it is actually not too bad. If I cut back on take away lattes and unnecessary boredom shopping, it won’t dent my budget.


The lashes are quite thick and coarse, so you have to be carful with grooming. After washing your face or a shower you have to remember to comb through the lashes – if not they might go a bit crazy and spike out at odd directions. But coaming through them is something I do every morning and night when I moisturize my face, so the lashes stay put. My lashes started to shed by the second week, but the shedding was really even and not too noticeable.

I went for quite a natural alternative (the cosmetologist used the 10 mm and the 12 mm lashes), as I really don’t want my eyes to scream fake lashes on a daily basis. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments, and I really relish the fact that I look ready almost immediately after waking up.

Online Fave: Online self



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So with the social media wave, there has been a lot of debate of how we are able to design our online life. Facebook is flooded with positive life happenings, to the point where people write half a page worth of how good their life is. Instagram show happy faces, active social lives and amazing home cooked meals. This is all good, and I often find my self turning to Instagram if I’m feeling down. There is a lot of positivity there! But while exposing the good parts of life, are we in fact hiding the negative sides? Or as Glynnis MacNicol writes in this weeks monthly fave “what about the life behind the filter?”. Check out “Cropping out the sadness” on Elle.com! 

This is such a thought provoking question, and I was so happy when this weeks blog post by Maxie McCoy on Carly – The College Prepsters blog actually mentioned MacNicol’s texts. Maxie writes wonderfully about the same subject, and I urge you to check out her post “What happens when you filter out reality?” as well. Some good reads on this hump day!

The Quick Cleanse



The past few weeks I have been wearing a lot less makeup on a daily basis. Partly because it’s been both hot and sunny, and my skin looks semi-good without any makeup. And partly because I don’t wear eye makeup with the lash extensions (more on that later this week). As a result I’ve become quite lazy with my evening skincare – I just can’t be bothered with the whole shebang most nights.

For these lazy evenings I turn to the REN Evercalm gentle cleansing milk. As my skin is both sensitive and on the dry side, I have been loving this natural and gentle cleanser. After removing my makeup with Bioderma I massage the cleansing milk into my skin, and rinse of with a damp muslin cloth. You could also use this as a one-step cleanser, but I like the feeling of cleansing a clean face. It leaves my skin clean and moisturized, as well as refreshed and kind of cooled. I would highly suggest this for people with dry skin, or if you’re prone to eczema. I had some very dry patches earlier this spring, and used this cleanser all over my skin without irritating them. I am a big fan of REN as they deliver good products, that are free of any nasty parabens, silicones or the like. A safe winner for those lazy evenings where you just can’t be bothered with more than one quick step.

The Beauty Bloggers made me: #GIRLBOSS



So for some time this book has been flourishing all over the blogs and Instagram. I am such a sucker for pink book covers, so of course I was drawn to it. The title “#GIRLBOSS” also has something very appealing and interesting about it; everyone want’s to be like that, right? So the other day when I was on Amazon buying textbooks for class, I decided to add it in as a little present.

Sophia Amoruso is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal – and such such such a Girlboss. The way she explains her very unorthodox way to being a extremely successful business woman is both astounding, and a bit unnerving. Miss Amoruso and myself have very differing opinions on many things. But the key to her stories are not what she has done or how, but her attitude. I really recommend this book for other girls who need a bit of a power woman pick-me-up. Such a good read, and perfect when you take a break from studying!