The Naked Basics



As I mentioned earlier this week, I find myself in a bit of an eye makeup rut these days – one that I quite like! For the next few weeks I am forced to change it all up, as you can see on my Instagram. But in the post about my current eyeshadow look, I mentioned the Urban Decay Nakes Basics palette (such a long name, for such a short palette!). It really is such a good one to have in your collection, and it’s perfect for traveling. The first two shades, Venus and Foxy, are not my faves as you can see by the obvious lack of dent. Venus is a white frost, and I am not a fan of white for highlight. I much prefer a warmer, golden tone. Foxy is too yellow for me to use as a base, but I sometimes use it to highlight the browbone if the rest of the look is sparkly. The third one is quite clearly my much loved one, W.O.S. Such a good base with its more pinky tone, and velvet-like application. The Naked 2 is a staple crease colour for me, and if I want a little more dramatic definition I add Faint in the outer corner. These blend very good together, if you take some extra time to really work them in! Crave is a true black, and I love using this as my liner with a angled precision brush (the Sigma E65 is perfect for this job).

All in all this is a really good basic palette, if you like me prefer matte colours for everyday. I do often add some All that glitters – or a random blush, like the Nars Deep Throat – on the lid for some everyday sparkle. This palette is perfect for traveling, and quick application as the shadows stay all day even without a primer underneath. I would recommend some patience when it comes to blending, as these matte shadows take their time to warm up. A really good staple palette, and perfect if you’re starting out with shadows.


Online fave: Workout videos for free

So the past year and a half, I’ve gotten seriously in to working out. I’ve never been a gym bunny, and with both knee and foot issues, I’m not much of a runner. But HIIT (high intensity interval training) and pure strength workouts are my love. As I’ve previously joined gyms, just to end up spending the money on memberships but never going, I’ve made a point of cheap workouts. Cue YouTube and Jillian Michale’s videos. Michaels kicks my butt, and I love her 30 Day Shred, Ripped in 30 and Killer Buns and Thighs. She also has a good take on incorporating yoga into your workout, with the Yoga Meltdown series. Now for the free videos.

For my HIIT and strength sessions, I turn to XHIT. Especially I like Rebecca Louise, and her videos for abs and arms. The videos are short, and I usually combine three to five for a good workout. All I use is a mat, some free weights (I have two sets, one heavier than the other) and workout clothes. This is the most expensive part of my workout obsession, as I spend quite some money on equipment. But good shoes are a godsend and I am so in love with my Nike Lunareclipse. 

I also enjoy yoga, and for this I have two girls I go to. One is Erin Motz, such a bubbly, sweet girl. Erin has a 30 day yoga challenge which has quite short, beginner level videos. This series is perfect for you if you’re starting out with yoga! recently I have been craving more intense yoga practice, and for this Yoga by Candace and her vinyasa flows are perfect. Check out the videos if you’re contemplating starting out with some exercise. It’s not nearly as intimidating as going to the gym, and I do appreciate being within walking distance of my own shower and all of my products. An added bonus to working out at home!

This is one of my favorite ab workouts lately!

Current eyeshadow


Lately I have found myself in a makeup rut; meaning I am turning to the same products each and every day. I think this is normal for the summertime, when every day seems like the one before and the routine get’s more lazy and monotonous. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I’ve really fallen in love with some products that have been neglected.

My routine when regarding mascara and eyeliner has not changes since this post. My eyebrows are recently coloured, and therefore I just fill them in with a little powder. For eyeshadow I use All that glitters all over the lid – the love for this product is real! Then I have fallen in love with my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette all over again. The two brown shades in this palette are so perfect. I buff them into the crease, very lightly, and when using some time they blend really nicely. For definition I use the black shadow as an eyeliner on the top lashes. For a glowy flush I finish the eyes with a touch of the Bourjois blush in 16 Rose all over the eyelid. This warms up the look, and ties it together with my blush and bronzer – As well as the hundreds of freckles that take over my face during these sunny months!


The Body Shop Deep Sleep Mist



Not getting enough sleep seems to be an issue with most of us, these days. The high-paced lives we lead do not leave much room for relaxation – or rather, we forget to make the time to relax each day. With technology within arms length at all times, we are constantly switched on and we are always alert. This combined with the need to perform and to be efficient; both in our professional life and our personal life. This makes it feel like we don’t have enough hours in a day. This results, in many cases, in us ‘borrowing’ time from our relaxation, and our sleep, in order to get it all done during the day.

I am no stranger to sleeplessness, and spend a good hour or more every night laying in bed and just thinking. Or worrying, more like it. What did I do today, what did I not do. What am I doing tomorrow, this needs to get done etc. It never stops, and the result is I wake up just as tired as I go to sleep. In order to get the most out of my nights, I have tried several (non-chemical that is) remedies – and this is one that I feel does a good job. The Body Shop are no stranger to essential oils, and their Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist is no different. It contains chamomile, naturally, and when sprayed over your pillows it leaves a heavy, but not too powerful scent. I use this almost every night, and find that I find calmness and ease faster when using it. It might be the placebo effect, but combined with a strictly no technology, TV or caffeine an hour or two before bedtime has made my time beneath the sheets more relaxing and efficient. After all, efficiency in our awake hours call for efficiency when asleep as well, right?

5 ways to spice up your water


Image via Pinterest.

So, it’s summertime and if there was ever a time for bumping up the water intake it would be now. It’s a part of every “how to feel better” list and a new years resolution amongst many: Drink more water. But actually getting down all that H2O seems to be a common challenge. Here are five ways to make the task a little bit more simple.

1. Bottle it

It seems odd, but using a water bottle rather than a glass makes water intake easier. Get a bottle you think is pretty (The bkr water bottle is quite cute) and keep it within reach. It really umphs up the daily intake if it’s handy at all times, and with a bottle you can keep hydrated on the go.

2. Ice ice baby

Adding ice makes the water fresh and cold, as well as tasty. There are also some added health benefits to drinking icewater, and it’s a good way to keep cool in the summertime.

3. Get fruity!

This is such a good tips for those of you who chose juice or soft drinks over water, as it mostly is due to the taste. If you don’t fancy the water taste, cut up some fruit and add it to your water. I like to slice cucumber, lemons, limes and somethimes some mint leaves, but it is also really taste if you add sweeter fruits like peaches or mangos, or even berries.

4. Straw

Yes, it seems weird but drinking through a straw – or using a Camelbak as a container – is an easy way to get more water in during the day.

5. Accesbility

This is a no brainer, or it should be, but keeping water available will help you drink more. Make the conscious effort of preparing some nice icewater with some lemons each day. If you work from home you can keep a mug in the fridge. If you go to school, you should have access to fresh water. There are no excuses, you just have to set your mind to it.

Saturday Obsession: Heavy eye makeup

It may come as no surprise that I am rather fascinated with the heavy eye makeup, seeing as “Factory Girl” is one of my go-to movies for makeup inspiration, and the TBD lived-in eyeliner is one of my most coveted looks. The full on intense eyeliner, dark shadows in the crease, a full brow and a lot of mascara. On the verge of towie, but still quite chic. When done right, that is!

Seeing as heavy eye makeup can go very wrong really fast, I spend a lot of time searching around the web for the perfect kind of look. Seeing as it’s Saturday, there might be an occasion for wearing a slightly more daring look when regarding makeup tonight. Here are some of my favorite takes on heavy eye makeup.






All images, and more, on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board.

Weekly Beauty Craving: A new fragrance



Image via Pinterest.

I’m not so experimental when it comes to perfume and fragrance. I use the Burberry London in the Fall/Winter, and the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle during the Spring/Summer. To change it up, I rotate some of the Body Shop fragrances (the coconut one is constantly in my hair this summer). But recently I have been craving a new fragrance, and a particular one in special.

Masion Martin Margiela is a brand most known for their clothes – the H&M collaboration collection was over-blogged about, non? But during a trip abroad this spring I was in a Sephora-alike shop, having a sniff at the many fragrances. This is where my eyes fell on the beautifulness that is the bottle of the MMM REPLICA perfumes. Seriously, packaging always lures me in. I sniffed all of the bottles, but it was the rather wonderfully named “Lazy Sunday Morning” that really captured my heart. It smells so fresh, but still quite masculine and sexy. My thought wander to a bed, with the bedding still warm… Brushing on 50 Shades territroy here, but you catch my drift. Its not an offensively sexy scent, but it stayed on my skin for the whole day – and this almost never happens. I feel like I need a bit of “Lazy Sunday Morning” in my life, and a purchase might not be far of…

What’s your favourite scent?