ESSIE Wicked


I am just stating this for reference now: This is the perfect autumn nail polish. Okay, now that’s said, the ESSIE Wicked is an all time favorite when it comes to the “so dark red it’s almost black” kind of shades (more on my love for them here).

In the picture above it actually does look black, and I do find that it turns darker over time. This picture was taken four days after application – and no chips ahead! I thank my trusted top coat for that. I usually go for two coats of Wicked as the first coat tends to get streaky and uneven, but I you’re the patient kind then one coat will do. That will give you are more red than black shade. I really love how this colour goes with everything for autumn, but especially with charcoal grey and dark green. These dark shades are just the epitome of fall!


The Beauty Bloggers made me: Thisworks Deep Sleep



So these two have been around for a long time. Ever since I first started watching YouTube and reading blogs, I feel like the thisworks products have been the talk of the town. When I recently was reminded of them once again,  I turned to FeelUnique and made the purchase.

Now, I am no stranger to pillow sprays. I really enjoy them, and I do feel they make a difference. If not actually making me sleepy, the scent is relaxing and makes the time I spend under the sheets that more comfortable and valuable. But when I purchased the spray there was a offer for the spray plus the stress less rollerball. I remembered Lily Pebbles mentioning this little guy in a travel video, and as I suffer from a phobia of flying I had to try it. I will be doing some traveling during November and December, and cannot wait to see if this rollerball will calm me down a bit. One can always hope for a miracle, but at least I’ll be having my panic attacks in a nice smelling environment, right? 

5 sites for beauty shopping


Image via Pinterest.

It’s Sunday – the unofficial day of online shopping. I don’t know about you, but I love lazy Sundays where I can lounge around in PJs, drink lots of tea and surf the online beauty sites. As this is the day of heavy blogging and YouTube uploading, all the vloggers and bloggers are sharing their tips and favorite products. I usually watch the new videos with one, two or five online shopping sites in bars for some simultaneously browsing and purchasing. Not very good for the wallet, but very good for the soul.

Here are my top five sites for online beauty shopping!



This should come as no surprise, as FeelUnique has a lot to offer when it comes to brands. This is my go-to site for  Urban Decay, Emma Hardie and Philip Kingsley. They have great offers, the shipping is fast (as long as customs are to be avoided) and I can usually get whatever I am searching for here. This is actually where I have bough all of my Naked Palettes, so FellUnique is also a fave for sentimental reasons.


A site known for it’s exclusive picks, and beautiful edits. Seriously, the newsfeed emails from Cult Beauty are like a petit beauty magazine. They carry brands like Aesop, Kevin Aucoin, Alpha-H and Escentric Molecules. I especially like the “Why it’s cult” feature they ad to each product description, explaining why it has been picked up by the site.


An oldie, but a good one, in my book. This site was the first place I ever purchased beauty products because I had heard good things about it, and as I kept getting really good stuff in the mail, it’s kept its special spot on my list. I go to HqHair for NARS, Nails Inc and hair care. Just as FeelUnique the shipping is fast, and selection excellent.


A little less pretty than the other three, but this is where I buy most of my Bumble&Bumble products. I have also stumbled upon some good deals on Strawberrynet, and they sometimes have products you can’t find in stock other places.


This is a bit different, as it is a scandinavian site. But Kicks is such a great place for beauty products in Norway and Sweden, kind of like our own little Sephora. Except for the lacking in brands that is. But this is where I get my skincare, lust over GlamGlow and stock up on points through their members club.

Saturday Obsession: big leather bag

So I have a problem, common to most carrier of handbags. There never seems to be enough room! For an everyday bag I need space for the essentials, as well as an extra book, my beauty bag, food, water bottle, notebooks and so on. And adding up, the essentials ++ takes up a whole lot of space.

So naturally, I am on a constant search for that perfect bag. The one that looks amazing, is semi-comfortable to carry around all day (with the weight I lug around, there will never be such a thing as completely comfortable) and is practical. I have no idea what kind of bag this is, as of yet, but this weeks Saturday Obsession is a tribute to all big, slouchy and pretty leather bags.





All images via the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board, where you can find a lot more bags.

Beauty Craving: the Burberry nude lipstick


Image via Pinterest.


Allure Magazine recently released their best of beauty 2014 list, and I was all over that pinterest board. There are so many products on it, and for every aspect of beauty and alike. Now, many of the featured products are quite obvious and much raved about. Naturally, their being on the list is just another rave in their honour – and I am sure they are as good as they are rumoured to be. One of these ‘well obviously’ products, is the Burberry Beauty Lip Cover in Nude Rose No. 25. Oh my how pretty is this lipstick? The Burberry check is of course a nice detail, but the colour is just perfect. The more I hear about this shade, the more I need it.

Have you tried out this, or any of the other Beauty Lip Covers?

Shadows for the crease



Lately, I haven’t been one for a lot of eye makeup during the week. I used to be all about the made up look, sporting at least three different shadows on a daily basis. Lately though, I either go for the one wash kind of shadow, or nothing at all. Another option to the one shadow look, is the defined crease.

These microshadows form Make Up Store are my two favorites for some everyday crease work. The top one is a deep chocolate called “ghetto” and the darker, cooler brown is called “deadly“. I tend to reach for deadly when I’m just doing the crease, as it’s a greyish-brown and works great on its own. It is also a good option for black when lining the lashes with a shadow. When I’m doing a warm smokey eye, ghetto is my go-to shadow. Ghetto also works great for contouring of the face, if I feel like doing the whole Kim-K thing. The Make Up Store microshadows are highly pigmented, and are a dream to blend – as long as you give it some time. They can also be used with water or fix+ to deepen the colour, a good option for when you’re doing the lashline. I really enjoy working with Make Up Store shadows as they are finely milled and great to work with. Also, the pots are huge so you have these babies for ages. 

Online fave: The OhGoshCindy Etsy shop


Image via OhGoshCindy.


Okay, how amazing are these prints? Ever since Leigh-Ann from LeighAnnSays spoke about them in this video, I have been obsessed. The OhGoshCindy Etsy Shop offers these amazing prints of some of the greatest women in music, television and movies, of all time. My favorites are the Crying Kim Kardashian, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Karen Smith. But of course, there is nothing like a bit of Queen Bee! These prints are also available as cards, and as it’s Etsy the price ain’t bad.