Bourjois Blush



So I’m not the usual makeup addict when blushes are regarded. Don’t get me wrong, I love blushes! I love to spend hours swatching different shades by the makeup counters. I love reading reviews or watching them in action on YouTube. But I just never buy them. In toto I have less than 10 blushes in my collection! But those I do end up purchase, are golden ones that I use until they are gone.

The Bourjois blusher in 16 Rose is one of those golden ones. It’s the perfect shade of warm, golden peach colour. It’s quite shimmery – not glittery – and can easily replace highlighter for those mornings where you either don’t have the time or can’t be arsed. I also sometimes use this blush as an eyeshadow, especially in the warmer months as you just can’t beat that warm glow. The downside to this baby is that 1. It’s getting quite old. Seriously, I’m not giving you numbers but it’s not new. It still smells nice though, which is another thing I love about the Bourjois blushers! And then number 2. I cannot for the life of me find this shade! Meaning that when I eventually part with mu beloved 16 Rose I might not be reunited with it again! If you have seen it, please let me know. And if you have any shade rrecommendations- or blush recommendations in general, leave them in the comments! I wouldn’t mind expanding my collection.


Saturday Obsession: Pink cheeks

Okay, so lately – and now forgive me for mentioning my love for this season again, but I think it has something to do with the colder weather – I have been loving pink cheeks. But not the pink “I just put on some pink blush” kind of cheeks. I am talking the “My cheeks are flushed after a mountain hike/hike in the rain and wind” kind of cheek.

I was pinning around on Pinterest yesterday, and ended up analyzing every pink blush picture after my obessions standars – in other words looking at each picture thinking “Have these cheeks been exposed to the harsh nature, or not?” If it looks like they have, then I am desperately searching for the blush used. As you can see from the pictures below, these girls most likely haven’t been out hiking – but the colour and application of their blush can almost fool you. As always they are more pictures on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest board!





An anti-shine saviour


During the hot summer months there is one makeup mishap that is bound to occur; the shiny face. The sun can break a sweat on the driest skin, and you either have to embrace it or try your best to fight the shine. As mentioned in Monday’s post, I embrace the summer skin and wear next to nothing on most days. But last weekend I was going out with some friends for a celebratory night, and wanted to make a bit of an effort. I whipped out my favorite base duo and was faced with the shine issue whilst doing the rest of my makeup. So to try and fight the shine, I turned to a trusted friend whom I almost never go for – this powder is on the really matte side!

Korres is to many most known for their skincare and bath products, and also their extremely moisturizing lip butters. But they do serve it up in the makeup department as well, and my trusted friend here is the Rice & Olive Oil Compact Powder in 41N for normal to dry skin. I think the dry skin part is why I love this compact so much. My skin is quite sensitive, and not heavily oily. Therefore most setting powders feel quite heavy and drying. This baby is nothing like I’ve ever tried, in addition to being light and easy to wear, it mattes down the skin like nothing else. I use an old Ecotools brush to apply it to my forehead, nose and chin. With just a light application, I stayed shine free all night. A good one to try if you’re into natural products, and if you’re sensitive like me. A good friend to keep for those shiny days!

Current foundation routine: the concealer way



You know what I love about summer? Apart from the nice weather, sunny days, long nights, wearing shorts and getting tan? My daily makeup is minimized to the absolute minimum. My summer makeup routine is quick and easy, bordering on lazy. After getting eyelash extensions last week, I can be ready and out the door in less than 10 minutes. This is insane. One of the products I take out of the FOTD equation for summer is foundation. I never wear a full face of foundation during the hotter days, for one because it’ll just come of in sweats during the day. Another reason is I find it a shame to cover up the freckly summer skin. But I wasn’t born with a perfect base, and for that I go for the foundation routine: the concealer way. 

Since first trying the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation last year I have loved it, and when going back for a re-purchase I grabbed the concealer as well. Like the foundation it’s good for many reasons. The coverage is good, the feel of the product is light and the smell is quite nice. The biggest win for the Wake Me Up range is the texture of the product (It reminds me of the MaxFactor Xperience foundation which I loved, but sadly my skin did not like it at all) as it goes on smoothly and sits kind of like a moisturizer. I apply the concealer where needed; Around nose, chin, the occasional spot and in the corners of my eyes. To blend it in seamlessly I use the Real Techniques Setting brush. It’s so good at blending in concealer, I cannot fathom how this does not get more praise; it’s like a mini version of the much talked about RT buffing brush. I absolutely love how easy and effective it is. Blends like a dream! These two products together have made my summer foundation routine, and I consider them both staples in my base makeup stash.

Nighttime skincare part 2



Here comes the second part of my nighttime skincare routine, if you haven’t read part one you can do that HERE.

I first go in with a serum, right now I am using the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair. I quite like this, especially because of the smell. I can’t say I can see the visible effects of this when using it, but when i stop using it – my skin instantly misses it! So I guess it’s really working. For my eyes I really enjoy the Origins GinZeng refreshing eye cream. As everyone and their mother, I suffer from puffiness and darkness under and around my eyes. The GinZeng does relieve some puffiness, and I can see results when I use this – especially when I use it in combination with getting a proper good nights sleep… As for a moisturizer I go from one thing to the next, my only demand is that it’s high in moisture and good for my sensitive skin. La Roche Posay does some really good moisturizers, and I use the Toleriane for when my skin craves moisture, and the Effaclare Duo when it’s acting up and blemishy. If my skin is super thirsty, I go in with the Origins Drink Up- Intensive overnight mask. This stuff is amazing. Smells like citrus and really feeds the skin moisture over night. If I use the Drink Up I use it straight over the serum. The mask can also be left on for 10-20 minutes and rinsed of, if you need a little skin pick me up.

MAC Blushbaby



An often reached for, but not so much noticed, product in my makeup stash is a MAC blush. I’ve never really gotten into the MAC blushes – maybe because of the quite overwhelming colour selection. But one of the first blushes I ever noticed and purchased from MAC, is “Blushbaby“. It’s a sheertone powder blush, and the colour in the pan is best described as a cool rosy purple mauve (again, I am so terrible with colour descriptions!). On the cheek however, it really turns into a quite realistic flush. I use the Duo Fibre F50 from Sigma to apply it to the top of the cheekbone, and half of my apples. Such a realistic, but still noticable colour.

Most definately a colour to check out the next time you’re at a MAC counter. What’s your often forgotten favorite blush?

Nighttime skincare part 1



Let’s be honest, there are nights where you just can’t be arsed to go through the whole makeup-removing regime, right? Wrong! Yes, everyone goes on about it, but removing makeup and cleansing your skin is the best you can do to keep your skin clean. Also, it really is a habit you should adapt ASAP. I used to be a cleansing floosy, but now I wouldn’t dream of going to bed without my skn feeling fresh and clean. This is the first part of my nighttime skincare routine. Skin disclaimer: My skin is combination to dry, quite sensitive and I suffer from some eczema/dry patches.

I first remove my eye makeup with The Body Shop Camomile waterproof eye and lip make-up remover. I use waterproof mascara on a daily basis, to keep the curl, and this is the first makeup remover I have used that really melts all product away. It’s oil based (meaning you have to shake it up before use) and it leaves the eye area cleansed and smooth.  For my face, I am a part of the Bioderma fan base. The Micellaire water is a great and light way to remove makeup, but with it being so light I really feel a need to double-cleanse. For this, I use the Emma Hardie amazing face moringa cleansing balm. I have written a whole post about this stuff, amazing really is the word! For a toner, I use the La Roche Posay serozink sulfate solution. Because I have some dry patches, I spray it on a cotton pad and dab it on my face – avoiding the dry patches. I’m not sure if this is a love-affaire, but I like how it leaves my face clean and that it stings any blemishes. Yes, I’m one of those girls who doesn’t believe it does something until it kind of hurts!

Part 2 soon to come.