The Bobbi Brown Lipstick



So lately I’ve been trying to branch out and not opt for the nude or the my lips but better pick when choosing my lipsticks. I felt quite dearing when I bought my last Chanel shade (and still do, but love it every time I wear it). Recently I have tried to grow my love for the shades I already own, and one of these shades is the 22 Sandwash Pink from Bobbi Brown.

I mentioned this one in a post a good while back, but as I searched around my lip stash the other day I realized I haven’t worn this for a long time. One reason is that the Sandwash Pink is quite a red pink, and I often feel like the bluer shades go better with my skin. As I’m a warm skintone this throws me off, and I keep trying to make it work. The shade also bleeds a lot, so I have to pair it with a lip pencil. The NARS Bettina actually works good as a base colour for Sandwash Pink, both products being quite matte they stick well together. If you have any suggestions for what to pair this shade with, let me know!


In my bag: all the lip products



This seems to be a common thing with girls, and I am no better: I lug around a lot of lip products every day. Recently I cleared out my bag for school, and narrowed the products down to a bare minimum. Of six…

First there is, of course, my beloved Rève de Miel lip balm by Nuxe. I am so thankful this product exists, and you can read more about that here.

Then there is the Clarins Instant Light Natural lip perfector in the peach colour 02 and the pink 01. These are amazing: part lip balm, part lip gloss, part semi-stain I would say. They smell like pastries, and are non-sticky and full of pigment. The perfect umph to your lips during the day, as it gives moisture and colour.

The Chanel Rouge Ccoco Shine is a staple in my bag, and recently I have been going for my new babe “Confident”.

Then there is the infamous Dior Lip Glow, a moisturizer that is meant to pick up and enhance your own lip colour. I don’t know about the chemistry of it all, but I just love this. For the past three years I have needed this in my bag like a safety blanket. It just makes me feel calm knowing that it’s always with me.

Last, but not least, my Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Bettina”. I did a post on this one a while back, and the love is still very strong.


Do you also suffer of the “I need all these lip products with me at all time” disease?

And what are your must have products for everyday?

Chanel lipsticks and my new love



Okay, so if you’ve been a reader of Etc. Beauty for some time, you might have noticed that I have a soft spot for Chanel lipsticks. They are just perfect in texture, application and feel. Especially the Rouge Coco Shine range is so perfect for everyday use! My longest love has been “Boy”, my perfect ‘your lips but better’ colour. Recently I popped by a Chanel counter to check out the new fall range – VDM had me lusting for the new quad, but I stayed strong. When it came to the new lip colours however, my strength would and could not pursue.

Home with me came my new Chanel baby: meet “Confident”. It’s quite darker than my normal everyday lip choices, but this deep purplish-red is just perfect with my skin tone – If I do say so myself! I tried it on my hand in the store and felt a rush of excitement. That’s how amazing the colour is! On my lips it’s quite sheer, but buildable – as the Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks often are. “Confident” is my chosen shade for the autumn, and I think we are going to be very happy together. If you’re trying to move out of your comfort zone when it comes to lips, I urge you to check out the Rouge Coco Shine range. The lipsticks are soft and moisturizing, and quite sheer if you just apply once.

Weekly beauty craving: that berry lip


Okay, so I suspect everyone have seen Olivia Palermos wedding pictures – I mean, that look? To wear a cashmere jumper as a part of your wedding attire is beyond chic and at the same time, so relaxed.Not to mention the pony tail! I just love it. The pictures keep resurfacing in different categories on Pinterest, but the other day I stumbled upon the picture above and my gosh – that lip colour is perfection!

The berry tint, the moisturized but not glossy look. I need it. I desperately need it. Number one objective for the weekend: find out what miss Palermo (or would that be mrs. Huebl now?) was wearing on her lips. And also, how to get that bouncy, flawless volume she always sports in her shiny hair. If you have some insight, sharing is caring!

The easy lip


So for the most part I’m really lazy with my lips; meaning, I’ll dash on a bit of “my lips but better/darker/pinkier/etc” colour when doing my face, and then carry on with the day and just applying my beloved Reve de Miel. I’ll carry around an arsenal of differing lip products in my bag – like most girls I’m sure – but I rarely re-apply more than twice. Recently though, I have rekindled an old flame and completely fallen in love with the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in “Bettina“.

Quite a dark colour for me, but one that works really well with a more tanned skin tone. It’s quite old lady like in the way that it’s both rosy and nude. The pink is on a purple side (it appears more red/orange on pictures than in real life), and it goes a bit towards brown – this makes it kind of a daring choice for me, but with this one it’s all about the texture. It goes on quite heavy as it is a pencil, but when blended into the lips it works like a lipstick-lipstain hybrid. The texture is so soft and balmy, and it’s quite matte. I just really enjoy wearing this, and by the looks of it I’m moving towards a re-purchase very soon. I love falling in love with products all over again, and having had this one for quite some time I think I’m ready to try out some more shades from Nars. Any suggestions?

The Weekly Beauty Craving: a new lipstick


I don’t know about you, but I feel like that spare place in that container needs to be filled. Yes, I have a lot of lipsticks in my drawer, so it’s not like I don’t have a lipstick to physically put there. But the container is reserved for the very special ones and that makes the stash deserving of a new one, am I right? Right now the container houses YSL Rouge Volupté in number 6, Bobbi Brown in number 22 Sandwash Pink, Makeup Store in Wobble, MAC Hue (glaze), MAC Creme D’Nude (creemsheen), Chanel rouge coco shine in number 54 Boy, MAC Creme De la Femme (frost) and Chanel rouge coco shine in number 52 Fetiche. MAC Patisserie would be a natural choice for the empty space, but that sits permanently in my in-handbag makeup bag.

I am feeling a bit darker, but still natural shade. Something that is no fuss, and long lasting. Do you have any recommendations?


Saturday Obsession: The red lip

There is just something about a perfectly made up red lip. It’s the epitome of chic, and a symbol of elegance. When browsing through pictures of red lips, my favorite is always the cool toned, darker lip. When semi-matte, it brings that elegance from the 40’s and 50’s. The amazingly inspiring Mona Lisa Smile is one of many movies, that without failing makes me reach for the red lipstick. Another like it is Atonementwhich also has a habit of driving me into an all-night search for long, emerald dresses online.

The matte, red lip is everywhere and it can be done both powerful and femme fatale like Emma Watson wears it, or more subtle, and “worn in” like Kiera Knightley sports it. With a red lip comes a natural gust of confidence, so maybe this is something to whip out for the weekend?







All images and more can be found on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest board.