Thank you & goodbye

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing.

This is not goodbye forever, but it is goodbye for now.



The Beauty Bloggers made me: Thisworks Deep Sleep



So these two have been around for a long time. Ever since I first started watching YouTube and reading blogs, I feel like the thisworks products have been the talk of the town. When I recently was reminded of them once again,  I turned to FeelUnique and made the purchase.

Now, I am no stranger to pillow sprays. I really enjoy them, and I do feel they make a difference. If not actually making me sleepy, the scent is relaxing and makes the time I spend under the sheets that more comfortable and valuable. But when I purchased the spray there was a offer for the spray plus the stress less rollerball. I remembered Lily Pebbles mentioning this little guy in a travel video, and as I suffer from a phobia of flying I had to try it. I will be doing some traveling during November and December, and cannot wait to see if this rollerball will calm me down a bit. One can always hope for a miracle, but at least I’ll be having my panic attacks in a nice smelling environment, right? 

Weekly beauty craving: that berry lip


Okay, so I suspect everyone have seen Olivia Palermos wedding pictures – I mean, that look? To wear a cashmere jumper as a part of your wedding attire is beyond chic and at the same time, so relaxed.Not to mention the pony tail! I just love it. The pictures keep resurfacing in different categories on Pinterest, but the other day I stumbled upon the picture above and my gosh – that lip colour is perfection!

The berry tint, the moisturized but not glossy look. I need it. I desperately need it. Number one objective for the weekend: find out what miss Palermo (or would that be mrs. Huebl now?) was wearing on her lips. And also, how to get that bouncy, flawless volume she always sports in her shiny hair. If you have some insight, sharing is caring!

A new bordeaux



It’s getting chillier, the skies are darker and the autumn is coming (wow, that suddenly sounded like an Game of Thrones episode!). But as I have mentioned earlier, this really is a season close to my heart. I am a freezer, and I love it when I can bundle up in wool and cashmere and make myself warm with lots, and lots of layers. My wardrobe is heavily influenced by darker shades this season, and the same goes for my nails. I turn to the greys, camels, dark blues and the dar reds during the autumn/winter. And like many are forever on the search for the perfect shade of pink, I am always looking for that just right shade of bordeaux nail polish.

Now, I am no stranger to the drugstore/superdrug when it comes to makeup. But my nail polishes are mostly Essie, Dior or the likes. I just find that the quality tends to be better in the higher end, not to mention the colour selection. But the other day I was in my local H&M (this is where I caved and let the beauty blogger influence trigger a purchase) i stumbled upon the MaxFactor counter. Can I just say, wow, have their colour range changed! So many pretty colours in the Glossfinity range, but I limited myself to two. A light, nude-ish pink called Sugar Pink, and a bordeaux called Burgundy Crush. This shade of red is more on the pink/blue side (don’t let the image above fool you, I could just not catch the colour correctly!) and the biggest successes with this polish: It’s a one-coat wonder. Really, on the picture from this post I have only one coat of polish and a coat of top coat on. That, for me, is such a winner. Now this bordeaux is lighter than I would prefer, but during the change between summer and fall I am prepared to use the Burgundy Crush as a soft transition. Way to go, MaxFactor!

Deep conditioning



As mentioned in this weeks first post, I love a squeaky clean wash when it comes to my hair. Both the Bumble&Bumble Sunday shampoo and the Surf shampoo are quite clarifying shampoos – and with that they give a quite stripping wash. I enjoy both products in my routine, but as they can be quite drying I make sure to deep condition my hair at least every other week. For that I have three products I turn to.

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a product I really enjoy using. It can be used as a conditioner, but as it is quite a luxe product, I mostly use it as an overnight mask. I wet the lengths of my hair, and massage the product in. I then braid it and sleep with the product working in my hair until the next day. When I rinse it out, my hair is super soft and strong.

The Bumble&Bumble creme de coco conditioner is rich in moisture; super rich. I tend to use this with the Sunday shampoo, as it is quite heavy on my hair. It makes the ends soft and silky, but this product I never use above my neck as it really weighs the hair down.

And lastly, The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment. This is kind of an in between of a conditioner and a mask. I use it after shampooing and leave it in my hair when I do everything else in the shower – so approximately ten minutes. This conditions and softens the hair, and the smell is amazing. I always enjoy the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle treatments as thy give good results quite quickly.

Online fave: Amelia Liana and her good hair game

If you’re a part of the buty community on YouTube, or a regular reader of beauty blogs, you must have heard about this girl. Amelia Liana runs a very successful blog and beauty channel, and she is a true guru when it comes to luxury makeup and skincare. She is gorgeous, of course, but the one thing that drew me in? This girl has some crazy good hair game! Her long hair seems to resemble that of a Disney princess in all of her videos, and it was in one of her videos (or blog posts) I first heard about the Oribe grandiose mousse, mentioned yesterday. This lady has some gorgeous locks, and high quality knowledge about hair care – among many other things. I highly suggest a visit to her blog, if not for anything else than to admire her hair. 

The Volumizer


Being the blessed or cursed (depending on your preference and view) owner of a lot a lot a lot of hair, I am always faced with the flat top issue. My hair has heaps of volume in the lengths, but on top it’s just very flat and boring. After using the Surf series this has changes some, but I have had to face the fact that root volume just doesn’t come natural to me. Therefore, I get by with a little help from my friend.

Let me introduce the Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse. I first heard about it from this weeks online fave (more on that in tomorrows post) and went for the online purchase right away. I use a very small amount on this on wet hair, massage it into the roots and blow-dry my hair upside down. You know the drill. When using this mousse, it really gives a plumping effect to the roots. It lifts the hair up, and I can just give it a zhoosh to umph up the volume during the day. Now, be warned, this is a true mousse. Meaning you will feel it in your hair. But I think that’s a fair price to pay for a bit of height in the roots. Being an Oribe product, it does have quite a steep price, but you only have to use a teeny tiny bit every time, so you won’t run out anytime soon. As a bonus you get that heavenly Oribe smell all up in your hair. That stuff just smells so darn good!