Mahogany Teakwood



Also known as the Abercrombie & Fitch scent. This scented candle from Bath&Bodyworks might be one of the most often spoken about scented candle among the American YouTube girls. It’s as dreamy as they say, but be warned, it smells like straight up male. It reminds me of the Voluspa Suede Blanc, only younger – if that explains it. The scent is quite heavy, and perfect for the colder weather. I ordered my Bath&Bodyworks candles on Ebay, and am tempted to order some of the autumn candles. If you have any recommendations, please share!


Stationary Love

IMG_9539In addition to all things beauty, I have a serious obsession with stationary. I love shopping for notebooks. I can search for hours (lets be honest, years) for the perfect pen. I can easily spend way to much money on notepads and paperclips. Or on cards.

A couple of weeks a go I fell over a little bit of stationary heaven. The cards are from Rifle Paper Co. And I am completely in love. The “You’re the bees knees” card has gold foil on the front, and a cream envelope. The design is quite retro, and dainty. The “You’re a Fox” was a given purchase as it reminded me of the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox” – one of the best movies George Clooney ever did, in my opinion. Rifle Paper Co. has an amazing selection when it comes to stationary. I’ve been eyeing this notepad for some time, and I think I need it. I started collecting cars a while back, and I’ll admit that I keep more than I use. But it makes me feel quite Martha Stewart like to have a card for every occasion. Nearing Graduation season I might have to put these two to use.


A good book


This summer I made it a point to read as much as I could. At the end of last semester I felt like the textbooks I had devoured all year had actually made me dislike reading. So I made it a point to find my way back to my love for reading, and I really did.

Among other good reads, I picked up “The Cuckoo’s Calling” by Roberth Galbraith. As we all know by now, Robert Galbraith is actually J. K. Rowling. And this made me a little bit apprehensive about reading this book. I have read – and loved – all of the Harry Potter books. I find Rowlings way of writing so easy to read, and she has a unique way of making the reader feel like they’re taking part of the story. I was worried that I would be caught up in the fact that Rowling was the author, and that the fact that I knew her as a writer would cloud my vision while reading. Well, I was so wrong. Three pages in and I forgot all about Rowling – or the author at all, actually. In true Rowling style I completely fell into the story, and Cormoran Strike – the main character.

“The Cuckoo’s Calling” is a crime fiction unlike any other. I love crime, but I read a lot of scandinavian crime. They are often very fast reads and the crime plot becomes the main focus. In “The Cuckoo’s Calling” the whole story; the crime, the investigation, Cormoran and everyone else, is completely captivating. Even if you’re not a big reader, I would suggest that you try out this one. It’s truly an amazing book, and you get a fantastic experience as a reader. It really made me excited about reading, and it’s the first time in a long time that I have finished a book in a matter of days.

A new scented candle

IMG_9452On a recent shopping trip I was feeling kind of down (life is getting stressful lately) and felt like I had deserved a little gift. When in a blue mood, I tend to go for gifts that can help make the situation better. As apposed to buying clothing or makeup, something I’ll use when I’m in a particular situation, I go for something I can enjoy even when I’m in my PJs, working at my desk. Hence, the new scented candle.

This little baby is from Voluspa, a brand I have loved and enjoyed for years. They make scented candles that are a bit different from others, and much like Diptyques candles, they go a bit on the heavier side of scents. For example, I love the Suede Blanc candle – it literally smells like a man. And the Ambre Lumiere is both spicy and, as the name would suggest, it has a heavy influence of amber. This new candle is a bit different from my previous Voluspa purchases. Laguna is lighter in scent, but it still is very light and breezy. As the website says, it has notes of velvet sand and dazzling azure seas. No wonder it makes me think of summer by the sea, and warm nights by a summer bonfire. The Voluspa candles come in various sizes and containers. Glass containers like the Laguna, or these really pretty metal boxes with lids. Like the Diptyque candles, I love how the containers can be used even after the candles are burnt up. Yes, I keep defending spending a lot of money on these scented candles, and I will do so forever!


Log on to yourself

This Monday is a bit of a different start to the week. Instead of a beauty post I give you three of my favorite quotes form one of the best boards on Pinterest, courtesy of Carly from The College Prepster. I am taking this Monday to log off the internet and to log on to myself. Listening to your own needs and desires can sometimes be hard in a busy and loud world. But that makes it even more important to take time for yourself.

I hope you have an amazing start to the week, and I’ll be back with something beauty tomorrow.







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5 blogposts you should check out


Image via Pinterst (how I would love for this to be where I am doing my Sunday blog reading today!)


Sundays are known as the unofficial blog day of the week. Everyone posts, everyone has the time to read and interact. I find that Sundays are good for soaking up some inspiration, working on the motivation and focusing on the pretty visuals all around. Here are five blogposts that can make for some good Sunday reads:

1. The College Prepster – Better With Age

This post is so good! Carly from The College Prepster is always so inspiring both on her blog and on Instagram. This post is about how she is actually quite happy to be turning 25, and how aging is a good thing. She writes about how much she’s changed in a year, and this post really left me hopeful and happy about the future.

2. Chapter Friday – amazing Scandinavian Apartments we’d like to live in

Okay so interior – yes. Scandinavian interior – double yes! Chapter Friday never fails to deliver in both inspiration and wonderful visuals. I really enjoy these kind of inspiration posts on blogs, as what inspires one person is very likely to inspire someone else.

3. Camilla Phil – So then this happened

Camilla Phil is one of the biggest bloggers in Norway, and for good reason. She takes such wonderful pictures, and as in the post mentioned; they give me undefined inspiration. I can’t tell you exactly what her posts leave me with, but it’s something along the lines of comfort and a want to do something. I think that’s a very good thing!

4. Lucca Magazine – Porcrastination Prevention

Lucca Magazine is a Tumblr blog filled with style posts, interior posts, inspirational posts and the likes. The visual aspect of the page is gorgeous, and I can easily spend an hour browsing through the posts.

5. Youblush – Beauty Organizing

Sarah Rostrup, the previous beauty editor of Eurowoman magazine, writes the bog Youblush. As she’s a beauty blogger she serves up a lot of good content, and this post all about organizing beauty – and with so many good pictures! I just love it.

Saturday Obsession: Dainty Necklaces

It wasn’t long ago, it seems, that the statement necklaces were ruling the jewelry scene. This fall however, all I see is small, dainty pieces. And I love it! All around there seems to be a trend moving towards the small and delicate necklaces, and paired with a oversized shirt or a soft t-shirt, they look amazing. They work really well alone as a simplistic statement, or layered together.

As it’s the weekend, and the weekends are made for online shopping – todays Saturday Obsession is the dainty necklace. I leave you with three pictures form the Etc. Beauty Saturday Obsession Pinterest board – and am hopping over to Etsy too browse through the jewelry section!