Online Fave: The wedding where the Olsen sisters helped out



Image from the slideshow via Pinterest.

So, this summer stylist Molly Fishkin married producer and director Asher Levin in a dress by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Of course it would be good. And it was, both the dress and the wedding. Fishkin’s godmother is Stevie Nicks, and she surprised everyone by singing “Landslide” during her speach. Hello, amazing. But back to the dress, and how the Olsen sisters helped out. VOGUE did a great piece on the wedding, but this slideshow from Refinery29 is just amazing. It has to be checked out, at least for the candid photo of Stevie Nicks, and the charming out-of-focus pictures of the party.


Online Fave: The Row

So, this is quite an old video (anno 2007), but my love for it is still so strong. The Row – You know, the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen clothing brand – offers amazing basics, and has such a pleasing silhouette to most pieces. This video is equally pleasing aesthetically, and the flow is just so good.

Online fave: The OhGoshCindy Etsy shop


Image via OhGoshCindy.


Okay, how amazing are these prints? Ever since Leigh-Ann from LeighAnnSays spoke about them in this video, I have been obsessed. The OhGoshCindy Etsy Shop offers these amazing prints of some of the greatest women in music, television and movies, of all time. My favorites are the Crying Kim Kardashian, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Karen Smith. But of course, there is nothing like a bit of Queen Bee! These prints are also available as cards, and as it’s Etsy the price ain’t bad.

Online fave: Anna Wintour answers 73 questions

I’m pretty sure you have already heard about this – and watched it – but in case you haven’t, this is the time. The VOGUE 73 questions segment is one of my faves from The one with Sarah Jessica Parker is amazing, and also her apartment? Oh my, it’s such a mess and simultaneously so chic and organized. Love it! This 73 Questions however, is just the mother of all, as it features the Queen of VOGUE – and the fashion world, some would say, Anna Wintour. Enjoy!



Online fave: My Burberry

Of course this video is this weeks Online fave. How could it not be – Burberry is one of my all time favorite brands, both when it comes to clothing and accessories, but also beauty and perfume. I have been using the Burberry London for years, but am really excited to take a whiff at this new one. And of course, with both Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne in the commercial, Burberry targets the lot when it comes to audience. Well done Burbs’, well done!

Online fave: Troian Bellisario on Larry King

This girl, or woman I should say! She is so inspiring, so talented – check out the short movie she did with fellow Pretty Little Liars girl Shay Mitchell – and very, very clever. This interview she did with Larry King recently covers many important subjects, such as body image, speaking openly about touchy subjects as a public figure and her love for the theater. I really recommend you watch the whole interview, Troian Bellisario is truly an inspiration. Such a strong and creative woman. She shows us that working hard is not easy, but it is valuable and rewarding. You should also check out the short movie Troian did together with friend, Tommy Bertelsen,“Exiles” – a different take on Romeo and Juliet. 



Online Fave: Online self



Image via Pinterest.

So with the social media wave, there has been a lot of debate of how we are able to design our online life. Facebook is flooded with positive life happenings, to the point where people write half a page worth of how good their life is. Instagram show happy faces, active social lives and amazing home cooked meals. This is all good, and I often find my self turning to Instagram if I’m feeling down. There is a lot of positivity there! But while exposing the good parts of life, are we in fact hiding the negative sides? Or as Glynnis MacNicol writes in this weeks monthly fave “what about the life behind the filter?”. Check out “Cropping out the sadness” on! 

This is such a thought provoking question, and I was so happy when this weeks blog post by Maxie McCoy on Carly – The College Prepsters blog actually mentioned MacNicol’s texts. Maxie writes wonderfully about the same subject, and I urge you to check out her post “What happens when you filter out reality?” as well. Some good reads on this hump day!