Saturday Obsession: messy plaited hair

So I know we’ve had braids or plaits in a earlier the Saturday Obsession post, but this time it’s not just the messy, side plait; it’s everything messy and plaited.

All these styles are varied and pretty in their own relaxed, but yet polished way. Does this even make sense? I don’t know, but I do know I really like these styles – and as always there are far more where this came from on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board. I think I enjoy plaits so much now, because I kind of always relate plaits to autumn and winter. It’s also a great way to keep your hair away from your face, and with the colder weather the static hair thing becomes a problem again. As I have previously mentioned, I love plaits for deep treating the hair with some oil, and for getting those nice waves as well. See, with plaits the possibilities are endless!




Images via Pinterest.


Saturday Obsession: Big slouchy sweaters

I think this weeks Saturday Obsession is quite likely to be prone by the weather. It’s getting colder, and my love for all things woolly and warm is growing.

I love autumn outfits, as the silhouette becomes dramatically different than that of the spring and summer style. The big, knitted sweaters look amazing with skinny jeans an boots. You can dress them up and make them preppy by adding a collared shirt (Very Felicity Porter) or ad a belt and make them more dress-like, and Olsen ish. Okay, enough of my rambling. Here are three examples, all from the Etc. Beauty Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board – where you of course can find many more pictures.





Saturday Obsession: big leather bag

So I have a problem, common to most carrier of handbags. There never seems to be enough room! For an everyday bag I need space for the essentials, as well as an extra book, my beauty bag, food, water bottle, notebooks and so on. And adding up, the essentials ++ takes up a whole lot of space.

So naturally, I am on a constant search for that perfect bag. The one that looks amazing, is semi-comfortable to carry around all day (with the weight I lug around, there will never be such a thing as completely comfortable) and is practical. I have no idea what kind of bag this is, as of yet, but this weeks Saturday Obsession is a tribute to all big, slouchy and pretty leather bags.





All images via the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board, where you can find a lot more bags.

Saturday obsession: luminous skin

So, I think this weeks Saturday Obsession is closely linked with the current season. As the days get darker, and colder, we move towards the winter – and you know what that means.  Everything dries up, and you are left with skin, nails, hair and lips positively screaming for moisture and water.

Now, the S.O of the week is glowy, luminous and well moisturized skin. These girls look healthy and fresh, and i am just in love with the glow pof their skin. Now, the trick to this look is a minimal amount of makeup. This means that the skin has to be moisturized and fresh to begin with. So drink that water, pat on that serum and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.




For more pictures, you can always head over to the Etc. Beauty Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board.

Saturday Obsession: Oxblood Nails

Now, the colour term “oxblood” seems to be quite controversial in the beauty world. Some love it, other hates it. But the name describes the colour so well. Other names could be maroon, bordeaux, dark red, wine red etc. Whatever you call it, the rose smells sweet whatever the name, if you know what I mean.

The dark red nail is an autumn staple, and heavily used during NYFW 2014 it would seem. I have included three of many pictures form the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board. Now the next step is to find that perfect shade. I already have a love for ESSIEs “Bordeaux” and the Chanel “Rouge Noir”. It would seem that “Skirting the Issue” from ESSIE is my next dark red nail polish purchase.






Saturday Obsession: Dainty Necklaces

It wasn’t long ago, it seems, that the statement necklaces were ruling the jewelry scene. This fall however, all I see is small, dainty pieces. And I love it! All around there seems to be a trend moving towards the small and delicate necklaces, and paired with a oversized shirt or a soft t-shirt, they look amazing. They work really well alone as a simplistic statement, or layered together.

As it’s the weekend, and the weekends are made for online shopping – todays Saturday Obsession is the dainty necklace. I leave you with three pictures form the Etc. Beauty Saturday Obsession Pinterest board – and am hopping over to Etsy too browse through the jewelry section!







Satruday Obsession: The Burberry Monogrammed cape

Okay, so let’s just begin this week’s Saturday Obsession of the video above. Paloma Faith performing her amazing song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” during the even more amazing A/W 14 Burberry Runway Show. I almost cannot. After this show the rave about the monogrammed cape the models are wearing was huge. And I am completely there: It’s just gorgeous.As Rachel Zoe would say “That cape. I die.”

Of course, being not only Burberry but Burberry lambswool and cashmere, the cape itself is way out of my reach. I won’t begin to list what I could buy for the same kind of money. But, the look is absolutely something to obsess over – and achieve. The cape/poncho/big scarf silouette is just perfect for the autmun, and I have been crazy about it ever since Mary Kate Olsen paraded her big poncho/shawl some years ago. I also have a thing for the Louis Vuitton cape, but again those damn finances. I can at least drool over them, and other more reasonably priced items – as always you can find more pictures on the S.O. Pinterest board.