Shadows for the crease



Lately, I haven’t been one for a lot of eye makeup during the week. I used to be all about the made up look, sporting at least three different shadows on a daily basis. Lately though, I either go for the one wash kind of shadow, or nothing at all. Another option to the one shadow look, is the defined crease.

These microshadows form Make Up Store are my two favorites for some everyday crease work. The top one is a deep chocolate called “ghetto” and the darker, cooler brown is called “deadly“. I tend to reach for deadly when I’m just doing the crease, as it’s a greyish-brown and works great on its own. It is also a good option for black when lining the lashes with a shadow. When I’m doing a warm smokey eye, ghetto is my go-to shadow. Ghetto also works great for contouring of the face, if I feel like doing the whole Kim-K thing. The Make Up Store microshadows are highly pigmented, and are a dream to blend – as long as you give it some time. They can also be used with water or fix+ to deepen the colour, a good option for when you’re doing the lashline. I really enjoy working with Make Up Store shadows as they are finely milled and great to work with. Also, the pots are huge so you have these babies for ages. 


Eyelash extensions – the pros and the cons



So for my birthday this year I was gifted eyelash extensions by one of my friends. I had been keen to try them for some time, but the cost and the hassle had always stopped me. Now I’ve been wearing them for some time, and have had my first re-fill (that sounds so weird and beverage-like). In stead of going on about if and how and why or why not, I thought I would give you the main pros and cons – in case you’re considering trying it out for yourself!


It is such a timesaver! I spend 80% less time getting ready each morning, and my evening skincare is no longer a lengthy process. I have always resented removing eye makeup as I hate rubbing my eyes and lashes. Problem solved!

As I feel more “made up” with the lashed, I most days opt for less makeup in general. Now a days my makeup routine includes filling in brows, contouring, blush and a bit of highlight. If my dark circles are extremely bad I opt for a bit of concealer (no, the case on the picture above is not categorized as extreme, though I should maybe have considered some concealer for those puppies).

You need less eye makeup when you actually put some on. For nights out I skip both the mascara and eyeliner, and often just use two shadows as the lashes do a lot on their own. So a con could be that I use my eye makeup less, but that’s not really something I’m worried about – after all, eyeshadow keeps for a long time!


It is quite expensive, but compared to what I spend on mascara and eyeliner it is actually not too bad. If I cut back on take away lattes and unnecessary boredom shopping, it won’t dent my budget.


The lashes are quite thick and coarse, so you have to be carful with grooming. After washing your face or a shower you have to remember to comb through the lashes – if not they might go a bit crazy and spike out at odd directions. But coaming through them is something I do every morning and night when I moisturize my face, so the lashes stay put. My lashes started to shed by the second week, but the shedding was really even and not too noticeable.

I went for quite a natural alternative (the cosmetologist used the 10 mm and the 12 mm lashes), as I really don’t want my eyes to scream fake lashes on a daily basis. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments, and I really relish the fact that I look ready almost immediately after waking up.

The Beauty Bloggers made me: #GIRLBOSS



So for some time this book has been flourishing all over the blogs and Instagram. I am such a sucker for pink book covers, so of course I was drawn to it. The title “#GIRLBOSS” also has something very appealing and interesting about it; everyone want’s to be like that, right? So the other day when I was on Amazon buying textbooks for class, I decided to add it in as a little present.

Sophia Amoruso is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal – and such such such a Girlboss. The way she explains her very unorthodox way to being a extremely successful business woman is both astounding, and a bit unnerving. Miss Amoruso and myself have very differing opinions on many things. But the key to her stories are not what she has done or how, but her attitude. I really recommend this book for other girls who need a bit of a power woman pick-me-up. Such a good read, and perfect when you take a break from studying!

A new bordeaux



It’s getting chillier, the skies are darker and the autumn is coming (wow, that suddenly sounded like an Game of Thrones episode!). But as I have mentioned earlier, this really is a season close to my heart. I am a freezer, and I love it when I can bundle up in wool and cashmere and make myself warm with lots, and lots of layers. My wardrobe is heavily influenced by darker shades this season, and the same goes for my nails. I turn to the greys, camels, dark blues and the dar reds during the autumn/winter. And like many are forever on the search for the perfect shade of pink, I am always looking for that just right shade of bordeaux nail polish.

Now, I am no stranger to the drugstore/superdrug when it comes to makeup. But my nail polishes are mostly Essie, Dior or the likes. I just find that the quality tends to be better in the higher end, not to mention the colour selection. But the other day I was in my local H&M (this is where I caved and let the beauty blogger influence trigger a purchase) i stumbled upon the MaxFactor counter. Can I just say, wow, have their colour range changed! So many pretty colours in the Glossfinity range, but I limited myself to two. A light, nude-ish pink called Sugar Pink, and a bordeaux called Burgundy Crush. This shade of red is more on the pink/blue side (don’t let the image above fool you, I could just not catch the colour correctly!) and the biggest successes with this polish: It’s a one-coat wonder. Really, on the picture from this post I have only one coat of polish and a coat of top coat on. That, for me, is such a winner. Now this bordeaux is lighter than I would prefer, but during the change between summer and fall I am prepared to use the Burgundy Crush as a soft transition. Way to go, MaxFactor!

The Volumizer


Being the blessed or cursed (depending on your preference and view) owner of a lot a lot a lot of hair, I am always faced with the flat top issue. My hair has heaps of volume in the lengths, but on top it’s just very flat and boring. After using the Surf series this has changes some, but I have had to face the fact that root volume just doesn’t come natural to me. Therefore, I get by with a little help from my friend.

Let me introduce the Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse. I first heard about it from this weeks online fave (more on that in tomorrows post) and went for the online purchase right away. I use a very small amount on this on wet hair, massage it into the roots and blow-dry my hair upside down. You know the drill. When using this mousse, it really gives a plumping effect to the roots. It lifts the hair up, and I can just give it a zhoosh to umph up the volume during the day. Now, be warned, this is a true mousse. Meaning you will feel it in your hair. But I think that’s a fair price to pay for a bit of height in the roots. Being an Oribe product, it does have quite a steep price, but you only have to use a teeny tiny bit every time, so you won’t run out anytime soon. As a bonus you get that heavenly Oribe smell all up in your hair. That stuff just smells so darn good!


MAC “All that glitters”



Oh this shadow! I don’t even know where to begin. Well, first of all it is so hard to capture the colour in pictures! Above it looks more brown and bronzy than it is, but in the pan it always looks browner than on the lid.

I had kind of forgotten this one, pushed back in the drawer behind Naked palettes and Makeup Store mineral shadows. But then I believe it was Laura from Buy now, blog later who published a post about it (I might be wrong as I can’t find the post) and I ran to rescue my little pot from the depths of the eyeshadow jungle. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but I suddenly remembered how much I love I have for this little guy! As it’s a MAC shadow, it sits really nice on the lid and applies smoothly. I usually prefer to use a primer as a base, the primer potion from Urban Decay always does a good job.

All that glitters is a perfect all over the lid colour, combined with a matt brown in the crease and some black liner/shadow on the upper lash line, it’s pretty much what goes on in the eyeshadow department at my place these days. So easy, so pretty.


The beauty bloggers made me do it: Real Techniques



It’s Monday and I wanted to whip out another “the beauty bloggers made me do it” justified purchase. A few weeks ago feelunique had an offer on Sam’s picks pack of the Real Techniques brushes. Now, Sam and Nic Chapman, the sisters behind the YouTube channel Pixiwoo are infamous in the beauty blogging/vlogging world and for good reason. They do great, well-explained tutorials and really know their stuff. When they released their own makeup brushes it was with a lot of research and experience in their back pocket,  resulting in some really good brushes. At least, that what everyone said! Most YouTube girls are using these brushes, and especially the buffing brush has been getting a lot of love from the likes of ViviannaDoesMakeup, Zoella and Leigannsays.

So with many a good recommendation, I purchased the set and awaited its arrival with excitement and suspense. When it finally arrived (after going through customs, oh how they love to take my money!) I ripped the packet open and proceeded to try out all five brushes. Hello, lovers! Now, they are all really good. I usually reserve the favorite spots for my Sigma brushes, or the Sephoras own brushes, but the buffing brush is up there in the top five! It lays perfectly in the hand, distributes product evenly and really buffs the foundation in (as the name suggests…) without sucking up too much product. I use it in combination with the Dior glow maximizer and the Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua mixed together. The finish is so nice; dewy and even, but still very light. A summer favourite, and I am – once again – happy that I let the beauty bloggers convince me!