5 inspiring female bloggers



Image via “Learning how to say no” from TCP (a post you really should read!).

Some weekends ago I shared 5 blog posts for inspiration. I have also shared my top five beauty blogs in the past, but this Sunday’s top five is dedicated to the female bloggers that really should be read and admired.

1. The College Prepster

This girl, Carly Heitlinger, is one big inspiration. She writes inspiring and thought provoking thoughts, as well as share fashion and style tips. Most of all I enjoy her blog because she’s such a type A person – but still embraces all the ways failing and not doing well can actually be a positive force. I always turn to her blog for inspiration both for school, work and personal life.

2. A Beautiful Mess

This blog has been a favorite for years. Elsie Larson is sucha creative and hard working girl, sharing DYIs, interior tips and so much more. She always inspires me to make hand made cards, bake something new or spray paint, well, anything! I really think she stands for something big in the way she does it all, and more, herself. Also, her husband makes really good music.

3. Garance Doré

Everyone knows who Garance Doré is, and for good reason. This fabulous french lady is an awesome photographer, a great writer and she makes even better illustrations. I love how she puts so much personality in everything she makes, yet keeps her site strictly professional. Such an inspiration, and a great way to pop over to Paris for a split second.

4. Chapter Friday

I have mentioned Chapter Friday, and Yara, many times before. But this page really just sums up everything I enjoy. Great graphic design, impeccable style and inspiring content. If anything, Chapter Friday inspires me to create, and to keep creating.

5. Maxie McCoy

Maxie is, as mentioned in this post, such an important voice and she really puts her finger on a lot of things that keep me occupied – often in a bad way. Her recent post about “Sitting in your shit” really hit home, and her spin on the whole thing just brightened my day tons. I subscribe to her posts, so every so often they turn up in my email. And they always, always make me feel better or more positive about my day.


5 tips for those mornings when you just don’t have time



image via Pinterest.

Such a long title, but such an important post. At least I feel quite calmed down, just by typing it up. Knowing you have five steps that will make those mornings kind of okay, even though you are stressed out of your mind. Here are five tips that can help you when you’re short on time in the morning.

1. Shower

Yes, I know, you’re short on time – but that also means that you have overslept and are feeling quite tired. Jump in the shover for a couple of minutes, to wash the sleep away. I mean that physically as well as mentally.

2. Have breakfast

Anything, if it’s just an apple or some cereal, will help you turn this stressful start into a good day. You need food, so if your choice is between food and caffeine I would suggest opting for the latter.

3. Comfortable attire

If you’re not the type of person who lays out your outfit the night before (I am, and it saves a lot of time and energy for these kind of days), go for something comfortable. This does not mean sweats, but a sweater you know you’ll feel cozy and relaxed in. This is also an option for you if you are the type of person who plan outfits, but the chosen outfit feels to tight/harsh/cold or alike. You’re stressed out, make yourself comfortable.

 4. A bare beauty minimum

Skip all the beauty steps you can. If you have time for moisturizer, blush, mascara and lipstick, that’s all you need. You can also save this part for the journey to work or school, if you travel by bus, train or subway. This also goes for hair, a top knot or pony tail is your best friend.

5. Apologize and move on

If you’re like me, then being late gives you major anxiety. If you end up being late because of you shortage of time, then just apologize and move on with your day. Most likely your classmates or co-workers will have forgotten about it at the end of the meeting or class, so you should try to forget it too. I know it’s hard, but when you get to where you’re suppose to be, you can pretend like this wasn’t one of those mornings.

5 sites for beauty shopping


Image via Pinterest.

It’s Sunday – the unofficial day of online shopping. I don’t know about you, but I love lazy Sundays where I can lounge around in PJs, drink lots of tea and surf the online beauty sites. As this is the day of heavy blogging and YouTube uploading, all the vloggers and bloggers are sharing their tips and favorite products. I usually watch the new videos with one, two or five online shopping sites in bars for some simultaneously browsing and purchasing. Not very good for the wallet, but very good for the soul.

Here are my top five sites for online beauty shopping!


1. FeelUnique.com

This should come as no surprise, as FeelUnique has a lot to offer when it comes to brands. This is my go-to site for  Urban Decay, Emma Hardie and Philip Kingsley. They have great offers, the shipping is fast (as long as customs are to be avoided) and I can usually get whatever I am searching for here. This is actually where I have bough all of my Naked Palettes, so FellUnique is also a fave for sentimental reasons.

2. CultBeauty.co.uk

A site known for it’s exclusive picks, and beautiful edits. Seriously, the newsfeed emails from Cult Beauty are like a petit beauty magazine. They carry brands like Aesop, Kevin Aucoin, Alpha-H and Escentric Molecules. I especially like the “Why it’s cult” feature they ad to each product description, explaining why it has been picked up by the site.

3. HqHair.com

An oldie, but a good one, in my book. This site was the first place I ever purchased beauty products because I had heard good things about it, and as I kept getting really good stuff in the mail, it’s kept its special spot on my list. I go to HqHair for NARS, Nails Inc and hair care. Just as FeelUnique the shipping is fast, and selection excellent.

4. Strawberrynet.com

A little less pretty than the other three, but this is where I buy most of my Bumble&Bumble products. I have also stumbled upon some good deals on Strawberrynet, and they sometimes have products you can’t find in stock other places.

5. kicks.no

This is a bit different, as it is a scandinavian site. But Kicks is such a great place for beauty products in Norway and Sweden, kind of like our own little Sephora. Except for the lacking in brands that is. But this is where I get my skincare, lust over GlamGlow and stock up on points through their members club.

5 tips Sunday: making space for yourself



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As I mentioned in Mondays post, it’s hard to remember to take time to yourself. Life is hectic and suddenly it’s Sunday again – and all you can think about is all the things you couldn’t find time for. First of all, take a second and realize everything that you did make time for this week. Now, here are five tips for little ways to make some space for yourself during the week.

1. Schedule some “me time”

I’m quite serious. Write it in your dayplanner, schedule it on your iPhone calendar. Take some time – fifteen minutes, half an hour, an hour – just for you during the day. What you do with this time is your own choice, but you should really take this time to not work, to not do what you should – but rather what you would like to, but don’t feel like you can because of everything else. 

2. Do one thing at a time

This is of course close to impossible, but try to focus all attention to one thing at a time as best you can. One example is your meals. Try to eat your meals by a table, and not in front of the TV or the computer. This can be especially hard if you’re living alone. But make your dinnertime a time for reflection and focus on that time. This can make the meal something you’ll look forward to, and not just something that is in your everyday schedule.

3. Go for a walk

Take half an hour out of your afternoon or evening and go for a walk. By yourself, or in some good company. Leave your phone, email, spotify and everything else behind. Enjoy your surroundings, breathe the air and make it a point to swing your arms as you walk. This is such a good thing to remember if you’re stressed out. Swinging your arms while walking is all your brain can focus on, and all the stressing thoughts will fade away.

4. Write it down

Before you go to bed, or before you get ready for the day, write down something about your day. It can be hopes for the day, something you accomplished that you’re proud of or a thought you need to pen down on paper. Reflecting on your day and how you felt – not so much on how much work you got done – is a good way of including yourself as a person in your day to day thoughts and reflections.

5. Leave your phone

If you go out for coffee or lunch during your work day, try to leave your phone in your desk drawer. A more realistic goal might be to leave it in your bag during your whole break, but then try that. Switch it on mute, leave it in a closed pocket and don’t pick it up before you’re back at the office. These little breaks out of your working environment should be just that: breaks. Try to treat these trips as some time where you can shut off your brain, not think about work or school and just take in your surroundings. If you eat your lunch out of the office, this is a good time for you to change environment and do something else. Choose a window seat and do some people-watching. I find this very relaxing!

5 blogposts you should check out


Image via Pinterst (how I would love for this to be where I am doing my Sunday blog reading today!)


Sundays are known as the unofficial blog day of the week. Everyone posts, everyone has the time to read and interact. I find that Sundays are good for soaking up some inspiration, working on the motivation and focusing on the pretty visuals all around. Here are five blogposts that can make for some good Sunday reads:

1. The College Prepster – Better With Age

This post is so good! Carly from The College Prepster is always so inspiring both on her blog and on Instagram. This post is about how she is actually quite happy to be turning 25, and how aging is a good thing. She writes about how much she’s changed in a year, and this post really left me hopeful and happy about the future.

2. Chapter Friday – amazing Scandinavian Apartments we’d like to live in

Okay so interior – yes. Scandinavian interior – double yes! Chapter Friday never fails to deliver in both inspiration and wonderful visuals. I really enjoy these kind of inspiration posts on blogs, as what inspires one person is very likely to inspire someone else.

3. Camilla Phil – So then this happened

Camilla Phil is one of the biggest bloggers in Norway, and for good reason. She takes such wonderful pictures, and as in the post mentioned; they give me undefined inspiration. I can’t tell you exactly what her posts leave me with, but it’s something along the lines of comfort and a want to do something. I think that’s a very good thing!

4. Lucca Magazine – Porcrastination Prevention

Lucca Magazine is a Tumblr blog filled with style posts, interior posts, inspirational posts and the likes. The visual aspect of the page is gorgeous, and I can easily spend an hour browsing through the posts.

5. Youblush – Beauty Organizing

Sarah Rostrup, the previous beauty editor of Eurowoman magazine, writes the bog Youblush. As she’s a beauty blogger she serves up a lot of good content, and this post all about organizing beauty – and with so many good pictures! I just love it.

5 tv-shows perfect for Sundays



Image via Pinterest.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s just the perfect day for lounging around in your PJs and watching a bit of crap TV. I am a huge fan of binge wathing tv-shows, bith for relaxing but also while I am cleaning. Here are my top five shows for a lazy Sunday.

1. The Hills

This is such a given. Lauren Conrad in her early, Teen Vogue years. The Speidi drama, Brody Jenner, Audrina and all the rest. This show is just an all time fave – and as I own all of the six seasons, I basically know it by heart. I love to follow the girls, especially Laruen, Lo and Whitney, and how they evolve. Style-wise and life-wise. I also love The City, although I find that show to be a little too much not-so-authentic-drama. Yes, I know the Hills was never a full on reality show, but let me keep living in my little bubble of ignorance.

2. Made in Chelsea

This Biritish reality-drama is just amazing. It follows the kids of the Royal Borough of Chelsea; the posher part of London. I love the characters, as much as I love to loath them. The series has been running for seven seasons, and the new season takes place in New York. As the Hills it is not a show if you want something mentally stimulating. If you want fashion, drama and big hair – this is for you.

3. Sex and the City

I don’t think this one needs a description. It’s just so good, always relevant and a safe little friend. I especially love season six – even though I cannot stand the Russian. You feel me?

4. Luther

This is something a bit different. A british crime series, featuring the gorgeous Idris Elba as the somewhat unorthodox detective John Luther. This series is such a good one in the way it’s crime – but much more on the psychological side. It reminds me of both The Fall and Top of the Lake. Absolutely worth a try if you’re into crimes.

5. Felicity

Oh how I love this show. It’s originally from the 90’s and revolves around Felicity Porter and her time at college in New York. This show differs from similar “young people at college” shows in the way it deals with quite real problems; financial problems, struggles revolved around academics and relationships on a more real basis. I can’t quite explain it, but the feel of the show is much more authentic than most.