Four brushes for blending and crease work



Real Techniques essential crease brush, Urban Decay Naked2 brush, Sigma E40 tapered blending brush, MAC 222. 


The search for the perfect crease brush can be both long and hard, but when you find one you love then the struggle is worth it. It sounds dramatic, but a bad crease brush can be the root to a lot of frustration.

Now, I feel like crease brushes and how you like them are quite individual. For example, the MAC 222 brush is my favorite for blending shadow into the crease, but my friend finds it way too scratchy. I enjoy the tapered brush head and the way it works the shadow into the crease without getting it blotchy. The Sigma E40 is good for blending colours together, as well as washing colour all over the lid. A perfect “do it all” brush. The Urban Decay brush came with the Naked2 Palette and it’s double ended; one end is good for patting on shadow (although I use it for concealer) and the tapered side works great for blending – as long as you’re patient. LAstly we have the Real Techniques essential crease brush. I love using this for defining the crease, and I find that it’s the perfect brush for blending dark colours; it’s so small that it’s precise, but still very efficient.  What’s your favorite crease brush?


A favorite pick from the Naked 3 palette

IMG_9624I have a huge bbundleof love for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. I have all three plus the Naked Basics, and I have never regretted purchasing them – even though they are quite pricy. I go on and of on which palette I use the most, and also which colours I prefer. These last couple of months however, I have been sticking to the Naked 3 Palette and three shadows from this little baby.

Burnout (the colour where the brush head is strategically placed) is a gorgeous red shimmery shade. I would never think of putting a red on my eyelid, but this one works amazingly with my eyecolour (an undefined shade of blue/green/grey). The shade next to that guy is Limit, a soft and cool brown. This is perfect for light definition, and works great with my third favorite; shade number seven from the right is Nooner. Quite similar to Limit but darker, it is a perfect crease colour as it creates a subtle, but defined look.


ESSIE Wicked


I am just stating this for reference now: This is the perfect autumn nail polish. Okay, now that’s said, the ESSIE Wicked is an all time favorite when it comes to the “so dark red it’s almost black” kind of shades (more on my love for them here).

In the picture above it actually does look black, and I do find that it turns darker over time. This picture was taken four days after application – and no chips ahead! I thank my trusted top coat for that. I usually go for two coats of Wicked as the first coat tends to get streaky and uneven, but I you’re the patient kind then one coat will do. That will give you are more red than black shade. I really love how this colour goes with everything for autumn, but especially with charcoal grey and dark green. These dark shades are just the epitome of fall!

Shadows for the crease



Lately, I haven’t been one for a lot of eye makeup during the week. I used to be all about the made up look, sporting at least three different shadows on a daily basis. Lately though, I either go for the one wash kind of shadow, or nothing at all. Another option to the one shadow look, is the defined crease.

These microshadows form Make Up Store are my two favorites for some everyday crease work. The top one is a deep chocolate called “ghetto” and the darker, cooler brown is called “deadly“. I tend to reach for deadly when I’m just doing the crease, as it’s a greyish-brown and works great on its own. It is also a good option for black when lining the lashes with a shadow. When I’m doing a warm smokey eye, ghetto is my go-to shadow. Ghetto also works great for contouring of the face, if I feel like doing the whole Kim-K thing. The Make Up Store microshadows are highly pigmented, and are a dream to blend – as long as you give it some time. They can also be used with water or fix+ to deepen the colour, a good option for when you’re doing the lashline. I really enjoy working with Make Up Store shadows as they are finely milled and great to work with. Also, the pots are huge so you have these babies for ages. 

Stationary Love

IMG_9539In addition to all things beauty, I have a serious obsession with stationary. I love shopping for notebooks. I can search for hours (lets be honest, years) for the perfect pen. I can easily spend way to much money on notepads and paperclips. Or on cards.

A couple of weeks a go I fell over a little bit of stationary heaven. The cards are from Rifle Paper Co. And I am completely in love. The “You’re the bees knees” card has gold foil on the front, and a cream envelope. The design is quite retro, and dainty. The “You’re a Fox” was a given purchase as it reminded me of the movie “Fantastic Mr. Fox” – one of the best movies George Clooney ever did, in my opinion. Rifle Paper Co. has an amazing selection when it comes to stationary. I’ve been eyeing this notepad for some time, and I think I need it. I started collecting cars a while back, and I’ll admit that I keep more than I use. But it makes me feel quite Martha Stewart like to have a card for every occasion. Nearing Graduation season I might have to put these two to use.


A hair product I love



As previously mentioned (in both this post and in this one) I have thick, heavy hair and I am trying to manage it. One of the steps towards “Okay, but not needing too much work” kind of hair is embracing the waves. My hair is naturally wavy, but depending of how I treat it when wet it can range from straight to curly. Lately I’ve been using the Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse after wash, and before blow drying I ad this little baby.

The Uniq One All In One Coconut Hair Treatment.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate the “all in one” part of this long name? This spray product promises to amongst other things, control frizz, add body and repair dry hair. I don’t know if it does it all, but it sure adds some great body and it has good staying power. I like to use this to add some texture, without the dryness that comes with a texturizing spray. The fact that it is coconut scented is the biggest bonus! I buy this when I’m in Denmark, at my grandmothers regular hair salon (it’s that kind of stumble upon product) but you can get it on FeelUnique as well. Definitely a good one for the colder months, as it is a great static fighter as well. 

The heavy duty luminizer



This little baby is a luminizer if ever there was one. The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer is a golden highlighter, and it packs some heavy glow. I love the golden sheen it gives, without being glittery at all. And that is rear, as most highlighters are either sheeny or glittery. Right now I use this lightly on the cheeckbones, above the lip and on the brow bone. It really suits the post-summer pre-winter skin, and it really looks glowy – but still semi-natural. A little goes a long way, and as it’s multi purpose I always find new ways to add it to my routine.

If you’re in the market for a new highlighter, buy the Mac Soft&Gentle. If you’re in the the market for a new and powerful highlighter, however, this is the one to go for.