5 beauty filled movies



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If there is a night (day, an all-day-marathon is allowed on Sundays) of the week dedicated to watching movies, it has got to be Sunday. The one day you have the time to sink down into the couch, bring a duvet and just plow through some really good and inspiring movies. This Sunday on Etc. Beauty you get five very inspiring movies, when regarding beauty and makeup.


1. The September Issue

Okay, maybe not so much makeup, but it sure is inspiring as hell! The documentary revolves around VOGUE as a magazine, and in particular the making of the 2007 September issue. The movies is packed with legends and inspiring people, as well as presenting the more harsh side to the magazine; Like talking budget which, honestly, really seems irrelevant to most people in the movie. VOGUE offices, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington in action and Sienna Miller running around being all excited over couture. So good, so interesting and very, very inspiring.


2. The Sex and the City movies

A no-brainer on such a list. Everyone knows the series, and everyone knows the story. It has fashion, and lots of it. From the Westwood wedding dress to the gold Ray Bans. But especially the first movie has a lot of good hair. Maybe not the “Mr. Big left me so I stopped washing and brushing my hair” style that Carrie sports for a long time, but when she goes brunette; my god it gives me chills every time. Even Miranda has some seriously good hair in this movie – and that’s saying something! Sorry miss Hobbes…


3. the Devil Wears Prada

Again with the fashion! This movie draws similarities to The September Issue, as both revolve around the worlds biggest fashion magazine; although here it’s called Runway, we all know it’s really about VOGUE. Of course it’s full of fashion inspiration, but in DWP there is a lot of beauty inspo as well. Emily the First Assistant (played by Emily Blunt) sports some amazing eye looks. Emily the Second Assistant (Anne Hathaway) really perfects the 50 Shades of a subtle, but red lip. And of course Miranda Priestly – the Devil in Prada, Hermès, Chanel and so on – portrayed by Meryl Streep makes Above 40 look so, so chic.

4. Never Let Me Go

Not the usual pick when talking about beauty movies, but this movie is actually the master of “no makeup makeup looks“. The movie is based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, and it’s a dystopian sience fiction about a world in which some children are born and raised to be organ donors. The children grow up on a boarding school, and are later released into “the real world” where they wait to be called for their first donation. We follow Ruth (Kiera Knightley), Kathy (Carey Muligan) and Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and their love-triangle. A very good, but very sad movie this is.

Kiera Knightley and Carey Mulligan are gorgeous, naturally beautiful girls. With their rosy cheeks, full lashes and natural skin I am almost inspired to throw away all my makeup and just wearing lip balm and cream blush for the rest of my life! I said almost, but the girls really look stunning in this film. They also have amazing, naturally wavy hair – and Kiera sports an amazing fringe…

5. Factory Girl

Yes, yes, yes. I know, my obsession with Sienna Miller is quite real. But the 60’s fashion, the heavy eyeliner and the velcro rollers? I’m sold. Factory Girl is about the 60’s icon Edie Sedgewick, and how she is discovered by, and in some ways ruined by, Andy Warhol and the Factory movement. Being a very fashion-heavy movie, it also takes a stab at how the superficial controlled Edies fate, and how the quick pace of the 60’s could take you from top to rock bottom in no time. A sad story, but told in a beautiful way. (Also, Hayden Christensen as Bob Dylan? Yes please!)



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