Saturday Obsession: Autumn style

As recently mentioned, j’adore fallor autumn, depending on where you’re from. Either way. August rolls in and I am filled with a newfound excitement for so many things. I have always loved the beginning of a new semester, and the feeling of excitement and anticipation. Promises of a better year, a strict schedule and a new and improved work ethic. And let’s not forget the autumn clothes! This Saturday I’m deep into mood boarding, searching the interweb for inspiring outfits and clothes. For fall I am all about jeans, button-downs and woollen jumpers. Cardigans and skirts are also a match made in heaven, and I pair it all with a nice, big men’s watch and my Marc Jacobs reading glasses. I also get really inspired by mens fashion, and the classic pieces like oxford shirts, tweed blazers and collared cardigans. Got to love a man in a white, crisp shirt!

Now, mostly I find my inspiration from Tumblr and Pinterest, but for the sake of sharing I’ve only included pictures from the Saturday Obsession Pinterest board – I dearly love tumblr, but finding the original sources for photos is almost impossible. If you are a lover of tumblr as well, check out my tumblr page; it’s personal though, so not so much makeup and fashion to be found.






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