Saturday obsession: braids

The Saturday obsession being hair themed is no wonder. Previously I have obsessed over the fringe, the messy long bob and the messy bun. Today’s S.O. post is all about the messy, untidy braid. (Sidenote: there seems to be a pattern in the messyness of he hair obsessions!)

I love a good braid, the thicker the better. When Alexander Wang brought out the side braids to the runway in 2010, I was as obsessed as the next girl. It’s something about the way this hairstyle is on the one hand very put together, and on the other completely random and careless. I’ve included three favorites in this post, but there is heaps more on the Etc. Beauty Saturday Obsession Pinterest board. 




Selena Gomez arrives for The Late Show With David Letterman.


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