Online fave: TBD lived-in eyeliner



Image via The Beauty Department Pinterest


The Beauty Department is a beauty central online. Run by what one could call the Lauren Conrad Beauty Team, they chern out beauty, hair, skincare and other tips on a daily basis. It’s a safe place to go when looking for a pretty braided hairstyle, a new way to do your nails or if you’re feeling like a healthy snack. This last week they posted a makeup look that just hit home. The “Street Model Eyes” makes me think of Mary-Kate Olsen, or even Taylor Momsen before she really went off the deep end. It gives off a “I woke up like this – after a big night out” vibe, but still manages to look somewhat put together. The liner is truly lived-in, but with a fresh face and light lip, it can easily be adapted to a daytime look. In true TBD style, the full low down on how to and how to not screw it up, is posted together with a step-by-step picture tutorial. The Beauty Department always always always delivers. 


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