Saturday Obsession: the messy bun

Another Saturday, another obsession, another hair style. This week have been embossed by two things: the heat, and a lot of work. Now, these two separately might call for an easy up-do in regards to the hair, but combined it’s down right necessary! Now, the messy bun is a much tried, much failed style. Most of the successful ones have been (in my own personal case) random and a by-chance-success. Being ‘blessed’ with quite a lot of hair, I find the cutest messy buns to be those teeny tiny ones – this may have much to do with my own buns always being more on the messy side.

Here is a selection of messy buns I love, and have tried during the week. All images are via the Saturday Obsession Pinterest board – where you can find many more messy buns, and previous SO’s.







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