Saturday Obsession: Messy long bob

I love having long hair, and having saved my hair for two years after the last time I cut it, I am quite happy about it. But then I go on to Chapter Friday (a genius website, Yara and her team are brilliant at the content they make) and take a glance at Yara’s hair and then… Well, it’s kind of like the fringe. My eyes go towards the scissors and I start to think “well, it is just hair“. For now I think I’ll let it be with the pictures, but I really love the effortless look of the messy, shoulder length hair. Alexa Chung has perfected this style for a long time. Olivia Palermo does it really well, and of course, my main girl crush Sienna Miller looks adorable in this style. The effortlessness and easy mess makes this style look very chic, but not too styled and proper. With natural waves and layers, it flows really well.

I always end up looking a bit crazy with this style as my hair is really thick and frizzy. But when I get over the long rug of a hair I have now, I might just take these pictures to the hairdressers.



e325129f1bcf625acfa1c16487fb729fAll images and more can be found on the Saturday Obsession Pinterest Board.



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