ESSIE reds


From left to right: Bordeaux, Size Matters, Twin Sweater Set, Rose Bowl, Watermelon.


From old Hollywood to modern day college; red is a staple colour on the nails for any season. ESSIE, as leading nail-polish brand in the world of laquer, would not be number one if not providing an astonishing range of reds. From the dark, almost plum-coloured Bordeaux to the slightly more blood red Size Matters, they have their darker shades covered. In the lighter hues, you have the classic evening red Twin Sweater Set that almost screams for a matching lipstick. Rose Bowl is serving up the lighter, Mona Lisa Smile kind of red. For the summertime and a little hint of pink, Watermelon warms it up and brings the party!


Check out the rest of the range from Essie HERE. They serve up a lot of limited edition colours every season, which you would not want to miss!



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