The Beauty Bloggers made me: Thisworks Deep Sleep



So these two have been around for a long time. Ever since I first started watching YouTube and reading blogs, I feel like the thisworks products have been the talk of the town. When I recently was reminded of them once again,  I turned to FeelUnique and made the purchase.

Now, I am no stranger to pillow sprays. I really enjoy them, and I do feel they make a difference. If not actually making me sleepy, the scent is relaxing and makes the time I spend under the sheets that more comfortable and valuable. But when I purchased the spray there was a offer for the spray plus the stress less rollerball. I remembered Lily Pebbles mentioning this little guy in a travel video, and as I suffer from a phobia of flying I had to try it. I will be doing some traveling during November and December, and cannot wait to see if this rollerball will calm me down a bit. One can always hope for a miracle, but at least I’ll be having my panic attacks in a nice smelling environment, right? 


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