A hair product I love



As previously mentioned (in both this post and in this one) I have thick, heavy hair and I am trying to manage it. One of the steps towards “Okay, but not needing too much work” kind of hair is embracing the waves. My hair is naturally wavy, but depending of how I treat it when wet it can range from straight to curly. Lately I’ve been using the Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse after wash, and before blow drying I ad this little baby.

The Uniq One All In One Coconut Hair Treatment.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate the “all in one” part of this long name? This spray product promises to amongst other things, control frizz, add body and repair dry hair. I don’t know if it does it all, but it sure adds some great body and it has good staying power. I like to use this to add some texture, without the dryness that comes with a texturizing spray. The fact that it is coconut scented is the biggest bonus! I buy this when I’m in Denmark, at my grandmothers regular hair salon (it’s that kind of stumble upon product) but you can get it on FeelUnique as well. Definitely a good one for the colder months, as it is a great static fighter as well. 


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