Beauty Craving: The fan brush



Image from Lauras blogpost.

So, Laura from buynowbloglater is one of my all time favorite beauty bloggers. Since her YouTube days, I have enjoyed her tips and recommendations. Some time ago she wrote this post about the Louise Young LY20 Super Fan Brush.  As Laura states, it is a must have – and after reading her post, I am wholeheartedly agreeing. First of all, it is gorgeous just to look at. And with it being raved about left, right and center on YouTube and blogs, it must be as goof as ‘they’ say! One of the perks with a large fan brush, is that when you get the hang of it, the application is close to perfect every time. I think for me, this would be my highlighter brush and when applied lightly with a fan brush, highlighters can seem like a natural glow in stead of a powder product on the skin. A little bit of makeup magic, and that’s not bad for just one brush, is it? Definitely on my beauty wish list.


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