A new scented candle

IMG_9452On a recent shopping trip I was feeling kind of down (life is getting stressful lately) and felt like I had deserved a little gift. When in a blue mood, I tend to go for gifts that can help make the situation better. As apposed to buying clothing or makeup, something I’ll use when I’m in a particular situation, I go for something I can enjoy even when I’m in my PJs, working at my desk. Hence, the new scented candle.

This little baby is from Voluspa, a brand I have loved and enjoyed for years. They make scented candles that are a bit different from others, and much like Diptyques candles, they go a bit on the heavier side of scents. For example, I love the Suede Blanc candle – it literally smells like a man. And the Ambre Lumiere is both spicy and, as the name would suggest, it has a heavy influence of amber. This new candle is a bit different from my previous Voluspa purchases. Laguna is lighter in scent, but it still is very light and breezy. As the website says, it has notes of velvet sand and dazzling azure seas. No wonder it makes me think of summer by the sea, and warm nights by a summer bonfire. The Voluspa candles come in various sizes and containers. Glass containers like the Laguna, or these really pretty metal boxes with lids. Like the Diptyque candles, I love how the containers can be used even after the candles are burnt up. Yes, I keep defending spending a lot of money on these scented candles, and I will do so forever!



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