5 tips Sunday: making space for yourself



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As I mentioned in Mondays post, it’s hard to remember to take time to yourself. Life is hectic and suddenly it’s Sunday again – and all you can think about is all the things you couldn’t find time for. First of all, take a second and realize everything that you did make time for this week. Now, here are five tips for little ways to make some space for yourself during the week.

1. Schedule some “me time”

I’m quite serious. Write it in your dayplanner, schedule it on your iPhone calendar. Take some time – fifteen minutes, half an hour, an hour – just for you during the day. What you do with this time is your own choice, but you should really take this time to not work, to not do what you should – but rather what you would like to, but don’t feel like you can because of everything else. 

2. Do one thing at a time

This is of course close to impossible, but try to focus all attention to one thing at a time as best you can. One example is your meals. Try to eat your meals by a table, and not in front of the TV or the computer. This can be especially hard if you’re living alone. But make your dinnertime a time for reflection and focus on that time. This can make the meal something you’ll look forward to, and not just something that is in your everyday schedule.

3. Go for a walk

Take half an hour out of your afternoon or evening and go for a walk. By yourself, or in some good company. Leave your phone, email, spotify and everything else behind. Enjoy your surroundings, breathe the air and make it a point to swing your arms as you walk. This is such a good thing to remember if you’re stressed out. Swinging your arms while walking is all your brain can focus on, and all the stressing thoughts will fade away.

4. Write it down

Before you go to bed, or before you get ready for the day, write down something about your day. It can be hopes for the day, something you accomplished that you’re proud of or a thought you need to pen down on paper. Reflecting on your day and how you felt – not so much on how much work you got done – is a good way of including yourself as a person in your day to day thoughts and reflections.

5. Leave your phone

If you go out for coffee or lunch during your work day, try to leave your phone in your desk drawer. A more realistic goal might be to leave it in your bag during your whole break, but then try that. Switch it on mute, leave it in a closed pocket and don’t pick it up before you’re back at the office. These little breaks out of your working environment should be just that: breaks. Try to treat these trips as some time where you can shut off your brain, not think about work or school and just take in your surroundings. If you eat your lunch out of the office, this is a good time for you to change environment and do something else. Choose a window seat and do some people-watching. I find this very relaxing!


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