In my bag: all the lip products



This seems to be a common thing with girls, and I am no better: I lug around a lot of lip products every day. Recently I cleared out my bag for school, and narrowed the products down to a bare minimum. Of six…

First there is, of course, my beloved Rève de Miel lip balm by Nuxe. I am so thankful this product exists, and you can read more about that here.

Then there is the Clarins Instant Light Natural lip perfector in the peach colour 02 and the pink 01. These are amazing: part lip balm, part lip gloss, part semi-stain I would say. They smell like pastries, and are non-sticky and full of pigment. The perfect umph to your lips during the day, as it gives moisture and colour.

The Chanel Rouge Ccoco Shine is a staple in my bag, and recently I have been going for my new babe “Confident”.

Then there is the infamous Dior Lip Glow, a moisturizer that is meant to pick up and enhance your own lip colour. I don’t know about the chemistry of it all, but I just love this. For the past three years I have needed this in my bag like a safety blanket. It just makes me feel calm knowing that it’s always with me.

Last, but not least, my Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Bettina”. I did a post on this one a while back, and the love is still very strong.


Do you also suffer of the “I need all these lip products with me at all time” disease?

And what are your must have products for everyday?


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