Three beauty videos

Like most bloggers who are involved in the beauty community on YouTube (either by creating content or as a viewer and user) I have my favorite beauty vloggers. In todays post I thought I would share three of the videos I love the most at the moment. Not surprisingly, they are all from the British beauty girls.

ViviannaDoesMakeup – Makeup Clear-Out & Organization Tips

A true virgo, Vivianna knows a thing or two about organizing. I love getting an insight into other peoples way of organizing and categorizing. This video is just such a pleasure to watch!


HelloOctober – Brow Routine

Suzie is such a cutie, and she has some very strong eyebrow game! This video is a good how-to for those starting out with defining and filling in the brows. She uses a good variety of products, and shows you how it’s done.

AModelRecommends – Beauty Reviews

Ruth does these really good reviews where she shows the products in action. As a model she has a lot of experience with products, and I particularly enjoy her skincare videos. She also does some great collaboration videos, I especially love the skincare videos she has done with Caroline Hirons aka. the Queen of Skincare – also mentioned in this post.


If you have any tips for YouTube beauty girls you enjoy, please let me know!


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