5 tv-shows perfect for Sundays



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Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s just the perfect day for lounging around in your PJs and watching a bit of crap TV. I am a huge fan of binge wathing tv-shows, bith for relaxing but also while I am cleaning. Here are my top five shows for a lazy Sunday.

1. The Hills

This is such a given. Lauren Conrad in her early, Teen Vogue years. The Speidi drama, Brody Jenner, Audrina and all the rest. This show is just an all time fave – and as I own all of the six seasons, I basically know it by heart. I love to follow the girls, especially Laruen, Lo and Whitney, and how they evolve. Style-wise and life-wise. I also love The City, although I find that show to be a little too much not-so-authentic-drama. Yes, I know the Hills was never a full on reality show, but let me keep living in my little bubble of ignorance.

2. Made in Chelsea

This Biritish reality-drama is just amazing. It follows the kids of the Royal Borough of Chelsea; the posher part of London. I love the characters, as much as I love to loath them. The series has been running for seven seasons, and the new season takes place in New York. As the Hills it is not a show if you want something mentally stimulating. If you want fashion, drama and big hair – this is for you.

3. Sex and the City

I don’t think this one needs a description. It’s just so good, always relevant and a safe little friend. I especially love season six – even though I cannot stand the Russian. You feel me?

4. Luther

This is something a bit different. A british crime series, featuring the gorgeous Idris Elba as the somewhat unorthodox detective John Luther. This series is such a good one in the way it’s crime – but much more on the psychological side. It reminds me of both The Fall and Top of the Lake. Absolutely worth a try if you’re into crimes.

5. Felicity

Oh how I love this show. It’s originally from the 90’s and revolves around Felicity Porter and her time at college in New York. This show differs from similar “young people at college” shows in the way it deals with quite real problems; financial problems, struggles revolved around academics and relationships on a more real basis. I can’t quite explain it, but the feel of the show is much more authentic than most.


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