Satruday Obsession: The Burberry Monogrammed cape

Okay, so let’s just begin this week’s Saturday Obsession of the video above. Paloma Faith performing her amazing song “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” during the even more amazing A/W 14 Burberry Runway Show. I almost cannot. After this show the rave about the monogrammed cape the models are wearing was huge. And I am completely there: It’s just gorgeous.As Rachel Zoe would say “That cape. I die.”

Of course, being not only Burberry but Burberry lambswool and cashmere, the cape itself is way out of my reach. I won’t begin to list what I could buy for the same kind of money. But, the look is absolutely something to obsess over – and achieve. The cape/poncho/big scarf silouette is just perfect for the autmun, and I have been crazy about it ever since Mary Kate Olsen paraded her big poncho/shawl some years ago. I also have a thing for the Louis Vuitton cape, but again those damn finances. I can at least drool over them, and other more reasonably priced items – as always you can find more pictures on the S.O. Pinterest board.







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