Beauty Craving: Another scented candle


Image via Pinterest.

Yes, I feel like scented candles are beauty products. And in the world of beauty blogging they certainly are treated almost with as much attention as beauty products. I don’t know if you remember, but in the early days of Etc. Beauty I mentioned my love for the Diptyque Candles. Now, I don’t know if it is the amazing scents, or the luxury of them, but they just make me so blooming happy! I buy my Diptyques ay Heaven Scent, and recently I went in there sniffing (as you do when in a scent themed boutique). Here I caught a whiff of a candle I just really need in my life.

Byredo is a very luxe brand of scented candles, perfumes (the bottles are amazing – Estée form Essiebutton show them in her latest Scandinavian vlog) and body products. The scent that caught my attention was Bibliothèque. Oh holy moly, I felt my inner Rory Gilmore go berserk at the name. But the smell – oh the smell! As I am terrible at describing scents I’ll just copy+paste the notes: ” Top: Peach, Plum. Heart: Violet, Peony. Base: Pathcouli, Leather, Vanilla.”

I am actually surprised by all the flowers and fruits, as the scent is quite masculine. It’s not very heavy, so this might be where the lightness comes to play. All I know is I can’t stop thinking about this candle, so maybe it will have to be my little beginning of semester present to myself. Yes, I am the kind of girl who will make any occasion a reason to by myself gifts. 


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