Eyelash extensions – the pros and the cons



So for my birthday this year I was gifted eyelash extensions by one of my friends. I had been keen to try them for some time, but the cost and the hassle had always stopped me. Now I’ve been wearing them for some time, and have had my first re-fill (that sounds so weird and beverage-like). In stead of going on about if and how and why or why not, I thought I would give you the main pros and cons – in case you’re considering trying it out for yourself!


It is such a timesaver! I spend 80% less time getting ready each morning, and my evening skincare is no longer a lengthy process. I have always resented removing eye makeup as I hate rubbing my eyes and lashes. Problem solved!

As I feel more “made up” with the lashed, I most days opt for less makeup in general. Now a days my makeup routine includes filling in brows, contouring, blush and a bit of highlight. If my dark circles are extremely bad I opt for a bit of concealer (no, the case on the picture above is not categorized as extreme, though I should maybe have considered some concealer for those puppies).

You need less eye makeup when you actually put some on. For nights out I skip both the mascara and eyeliner, and often just use two shadows as the lashes do a lot on their own. So a con could be that I use my eye makeup less, but that’s not really something I’m worried about – after all, eyeshadow keeps for a long time!


It is quite expensive, but compared to what I spend on mascara and eyeliner it is actually not too bad. If I cut back on take away lattes and unnecessary boredom shopping, it won’t dent my budget.


The lashes are quite thick and coarse, so you have to be carful with grooming. After washing your face or a shower you have to remember to comb through the lashes – if not they might go a bit crazy and spike out at odd directions. But coaming through them is something I do every morning and night when I moisturize my face, so the lashes stay put. My lashes started to shed by the second week, but the shedding was really even and not too noticeable.

I went for quite a natural alternative (the cosmetologist used the 10 mm and the 12 mm lashes), as I really don’t want my eyes to scream fake lashes on a daily basis. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments, and I really relish the fact that I look ready almost immediately after waking up.


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