Online Fave: Online self



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So with the social media wave, there has been a lot of debate of how we are able to design our online life. Facebook is flooded with positive life happenings, to the point where people write half a page worth of how good their life is. Instagram show happy faces, active social lives and amazing home cooked meals. This is all good, and I often find my self turning to Instagram if I’m feeling down. There is a lot of positivity there! But while exposing the good parts of life, are we in fact hiding the negative sides? Or as Glynnis MacNicol writes in this weeks monthly fave “what about the life behind the filter?”. Check out “Cropping out the sadness” on! 

This is such a thought provoking question, and I was so happy when this weeks blog post by Maxie McCoy on Carly – The College Prepsters blog actually mentioned MacNicol’s texts. Maxie writes wonderfully about the same subject, and I urge you to check out her post “What happens when you filter out reality?” as well. Some good reads on this hump day!


2 thoughts on “Online Fave: Online self

    • Thank you, and exactly! We don’t dwell on or put focus on the bad things in life, because that’s not what we want to highlight. But isn’t there a point where the non-focus becomes hiding, in a way?

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