The Beauty Bloggers made me: #GIRLBOSS



So for some time this book has been flourishing all over the blogs and Instagram. I am such a sucker for pink book covers, so of course I was drawn to it. The title “#GIRLBOSS” also has something very appealing and interesting about it; everyone want’s to be like that, right? So the other day when I was on Amazon buying textbooks for class, I decided to add it in as a little present.

Sophia Amoruso is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal – and such such such a Girlboss. The way she explains her very unorthodox way to being a extremely successful business woman is both astounding, and a bit unnerving. Miss Amoruso and myself have very differing opinions on many things. But the key to her stories are not what she has done or how, but her attitude. I really recommend this book for other girls who need a bit of a power woman pick-me-up. Such a good read, and perfect when you take a break from studying!


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