5 tips for better sleep



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As I have mentioned in previous Sunday tips, I truly believe that you begin your week on Sundays. “A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content” is a phrase I truly live by. And as Sundays often can be a bit daunting, as the Sunday blues often sets in and you’re really not looking forward to Monday, I think it’s even more important to do Sunday good. One thing I always focus on during the week is to optimize my sleep as much I can. Nighttime is when I get most anxious, and I usually spend a good two hours worrying and thinking before I get to sleep. So to make the night – and with that the following day – as efficient as possible, I turn to the following tips.

1. No screens

Okay so this is a big one, and a hard one. But the amount of screen time we have during a day is quite frightening. I try to stay away from all screens an hour before bedtime. That means television, computer and phone. Yes, it is so hard but it really helps calm your body down and preparing your head for bed.

2. No caffeine or food

I am a big tea drinker, and I only drink black tea. It’s relaxing to drink something warm before bed, but the caffein is a no-go when you want to relax your system. So an hour or two before bed I try to avoid both food and tea, as the body activates to digest food. If I want to calm down with something warm, I go for some warm milk of cocoa.

3. Spend time

If you’re set on being in bed by eleven o’clock, you should probably start getting ready for bed at least 30 minutes before. I usually put in an hour between bedtime and the time I start to get ready. That hour usually flies, and if I get ‘behind schedule’ I’ll start obsessing over how much time I’ve lost. Who would have thought getting to bed could be so stressful? 

4. Read

If you can’t go straight to bed and sleep, a book would be a good idea. I always have to read before bed as it calms me down, and shifts my thoughts. If I go straight to bed I’ll start obsessing over what I’m doing the next day, what I should have done the past day and so on. Sinking into a book relaxed both body and mind.

5. Write it down

If you’re a worrier like me, you’ll probably have quite the run through of everything that’s bothering you before you go to sleep. I try to turn off or shy away most thoughts, but for those that won’t go away I have found an efficient trick. I keep a notebook by my bed, and in it I write everything that’s stressing or worrying me. That way I have taken the thoughts out of my head, and I won’t have to worry about wether I’ll forget them.


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