A new bordeaux



It’s getting chillier, the skies are darker and the autumn is coming (wow, that suddenly sounded like an Game of Thrones episode!). But as I have mentioned earlier, this really is a season close to my heart. I am a freezer, and I love it when I can bundle up in wool and cashmere and make myself warm with lots, and lots of layers. My wardrobe is heavily influenced by darker shades this season, and the same goes for my nails. I turn to the greys, camels, dark blues and the dar reds during the autumn/winter. And like many are forever on the search for the perfect shade of pink, I am always looking for that just right shade of bordeaux nail polish.

Now, I am no stranger to the drugstore/superdrug when it comes to makeup. But my nail polishes are mostly Essie, Dior or the likes. I just find that the quality tends to be better in the higher end, not to mention the colour selection. But the other day I was in my local H&M (this is where I caved and let the beauty blogger influence trigger a purchase) i stumbled upon the MaxFactor counter. Can I just say, wow, have their colour range changed! So many pretty colours in the Glossfinity range, but I limited myself to two. A light, nude-ish pink called Sugar Pink, and a bordeaux called Burgundy Crush. This shade of red is more on the pink/blue side (don’t let the image above fool you, I could just not catch the colour correctly!) and the biggest successes with this polish: It’s a one-coat wonder. Really, on the picture from this post I have only one coat of polish and a coat of top coat on. That, for me, is such a winner. Now this bordeaux is lighter than I would prefer, but during the change between summer and fall I am prepared to use the Burgundy Crush as a soft transition. Way to go, MaxFactor!


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