Some thoughts on the importance of presentation



The past week the new semester started, and I am now officially in my last year at uni. As our studies are a part of the huge shift that is happening in the media world today, we are constantly reminded of how we, and our qualifications, will be useful – and how we are to spin our degree and our knowledge. This semester we will be interning for the first time, and from day one we were stressed on how important it is to put ourselves out there.

Now I am, as many others, not the most outgoing person in many senses – I think 2013/2014 will be the year when it became socially acceptable to call oneself an introvert. But in today’s work market it is more important than ever before to be on point, make oneself visible and presentable. I started thinking about how presentation is more important now than ever before. Not only through the first impressions you make in person, but how you present yourself on social media as well. During the past year I have had lecturers come in and talk about how we, as media-students, should focus on creating our brand. Ourselves as a brand. It is quite bizarre to think about how you act on social media has an direct infliction on yourself as a professional person. The way you like and comment, the content you put out there; it’s all a part on the You you are on social media.

I find it bought frightening (honestly, who doesn’t get a tad paranoid by the thought?) and extremely empowering. The way it has become so easy to create and share content today is truly fascinating. How the no-makeup selfie has become a rare, but powerful statement we make. How the outfit post on Instagram can get you a job interview. How a comment on twitter can make you visible to a lot of influential people in your business of choice. How this blog is not only a place for me to create content, but a possible future reference when applying for a job. The media world is constantly changing, and the way we present ourself now is not only a choice; it’s a statement.


Please share your thoughts on this subject with me, I am so eager to hear what you think!


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