The Beauty Bloggers made me do it: Seche Vite



Yes, I caved. The infamous top coat on every beauty bloggers nail is now a part of my collection. Seche Vite is highly praised, and one of the most popular top coats in the beauty world. When I saw it in my local H&M (of all the places!) I could not help but grab a bottle. When something is so often mentioned, it has to be tested, right? As for the praises: yes, it’s good. It’s very good. Now I am not prepared to say that it is better than my beloved L’oréal top coat, but it is a good one. Now for the finish, I really love how shiny it is. This is the main reason I love it, it has that gel-like effect. When it dries it doesn’t go as hard as my beloved shinissime gel. This is something I quite dislike; I am a nail bumper, and it annoys me so much when I have dents in my polish. All in all this top coat is everything they say – which is including the smell. This stuff smells like poision, and I am quite convinced that the toxcinc in this shizz is going directly into my lungs. If you do buy this, I would highly suggest an open window or even going outside to apply it! Now for the polish pictured above, more on this later in the week. 


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