5 tips for a bad hair day


Image via Pinterest.

Yes, it is the last day of the hair themed week here on Etc. Beauty and we end with a post on bad hair days – and how to semi-save them.

1. Dry shampoo is your friend

But, if you’re like me and feel like your hair gets worse by adding dry shampoo; go for a texturizing spray. It will leave your hair with a bit more body, and can save it when it just really needs a wash.

2. Tie it up

A messy bun, or a messy pony tail can be your best friend. There are tons and tons of tutorials on Pinterest on YouTube, and you can check out some of my favorite messy buns on this Pinterest board.

3. Ad some scent

I don’t know if it’s only me or everyone can smell it (I hope not) but I feel like my hair smells like bad hair day! The best saviour on these days is to add some good smelling stuff to the hair. Really, this works every time for me. I sprits some perfume, or preferably one of the Body Shops mists in my hair, and it really freshens things up.

4. The milk maid braid

This style (also called a halo braid) is so good at hiding bad hair! It works for almost all hair lengths. I especially love Suzies tutorial on it, it really is so easy to master I whip my hair up in this when I am late out the door and my hair just won’t cooperate.

5. Accessorize (also known as the distraction strategy)

When nothing goes right, throw in some sparkly headbands or tie a silk scarf around your bun. Anything to distract attention away from the mess that is your hair!


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