Weekly beauty craving: a good saltwater spray



Image via Pinterest.

As this week is all about hair, of course the weekly beauty craving follows the theme. Now for years, I used to resent my natural waves. I would straighten my hair every day, hating on every little wave that would creep up. Rain and humidity was my greatest enemy, and if I didn’t have time to straighten my hair before school I would rather be late than go with even a touch of curliness. During the years I have learned to love my hair as it is; both colour and texture. Now a days I sway more towards curl enhancing products, and this summer I have been on a quest for a good saltwater spray. But a lass, no luck. They all seem to be more water than salt, and none of those I have tried have actually made a noticeable difference. But I might have found the product. 

After using the Bumble&Bumble Surf series, I have been looking at the Surf spray in the same range. I have heard some good things about it, though never any raves. I might be tempted to order it home and try it out for myself soon. If you have any thoughts on this one, or can recommend another saltwater spray, please do!


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