Deep conditioning



As mentioned in this weeks first post, I love a squeaky clean wash when it comes to my hair. Both the Bumble&Bumble Sunday shampoo and the Surf shampoo are quite clarifying shampoos – and with that they give a quite stripping wash. I enjoy both products in my routine, but as they can be quite drying I make sure to deep condition my hair at least every other week. For that I have three products I turn to.

The Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is a product I really enjoy using. It can be used as a conditioner, but as it is quite a luxe product, I mostly use it as an overnight mask. I wet the lengths of my hair, and massage the product in. I then braid it and sleep with the product working in my hair until the next day. When I rinse it out, my hair is super soft and strong.

The Bumble&Bumble creme de coco conditioner is rich in moisture; super rich. I tend to use this with the Sunday shampoo, as it is quite heavy on my hair. It makes the ends soft and silky, but this product I never use above my neck as it really weighs the hair down.

And lastly, The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Shine Deep Treatment. This is kind of an in between of a conditioner and a mask. I use it after shampooing and leave it in my hair when I do everything else in the shower – so approximately ten minutes. This conditions and softens the hair, and the smell is amazing. I always enjoy the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle treatments as thy give good results quite quickly.


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