A week in the name of hair


So I thought I would try something a bit different here on Etc. Beauty this week, and dedicate a whole week of posts to the same theme: hair care. I’ve been trying out some new products for a while, and they have really changed my hair’s life (if there is such a thing). As my hair is both long, thick and heavy I often have trouble finding good products that care for my hair without weighing it down. If you’re having similar issues, or if you just like to read about hair and products, then this week should be right up your alley!

I thought I would kick the week of with the basics: shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried heaps, and have never really stuck to one in particular when it comes to shampoo (except for the L’oréal Professionelle Série Silver shampoo when I was platinum blonde, yes that was a phase). I really love the Sunday Shampoo by Bumble&Bumble, as it’s a clarifying shampoo and really gets my hair squeaky clean. That is a staple in my shower, but the Sunday is quite stripping and a bit rough to the hair. So when I was looking for a shampoo to use in between cleansing washes, I turned to the trusted Bumble&Bumble and this is where I found my hair saviour: the Surf foam wash shampoo and creme rinse conditioner. The shampoo is clear, and therefore a cleansing shampoo – meaning it takes away product build-up, and I get a bit of a squeak in every wash – something I really love. The conditioner is so creamy and both smell really nice. But the wow part comes to the way these products make my hair feel. I have never had such light, shiny and soft hair in my life! The Surf series enhances my own natural waves, and makes my hair so flowy and breezy. This is a match made in the hair heaven, and I am utterly in love with these two. A definate re-purchase! They do become a bit drying on the hair after a while, but I have some products that takes care of that. More on those, later in the hair-week. 


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