This weeks beauty craving: MAC “Sable”



I got this gorgeous picture of of Makeupandthebeautyblog via Pinterest. Go to her post for an in-depth review of Sable!

It’s that time of year again. I always get so inspired when we’re on the verge of autumn, and August is one of the most magical months for me. I love fall clothes, and fall makeup. I don’t dramatically change my daily makeup, but come autumn, it all just gets a bit darker. In stead of going for my usual Chanel “Boy” I tend to reach for the darker “Fetiche”. My eyeshadow drifts towards the darker washes, and this is where this weeks beauty craving comes into play.

I’ve heard everyone and their mother rave about MACs “Sable” eyeshadow. It seems to be a good one-was-wonder, a category which I find especially lovable. Being able to swish a single colour over the lid and be done? Sounds like a dream to me. From what I can take, Sable is a reddish-brown, satin shadow (it is actually a frost, but it doesn’t appear as chunky and glittery as some of the frost shades from MAC). I’ve seen it work wonderfully on many a beauty blogger/vlogger – some examples are Laura wearing Sable and Mythology together. Or Vivianna from VDM including it in this eyeshadow galore post. It’s also included in this Lily Pebbles post, where it’s swatched and looks ah-mazing! I’m really feeling this shade for Autumn, so there might just be a trip to the MAC counter in store during the next few weeks…


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