Online fave: Etsy jewelry


I am an Etsy fiend, and I love how you can find just about anything – for quite good prices. A perfect place if you need something personal and handmade, if you’re thrifting for vintage teacups or if you, like me, are a sucker for unique and pretty jewelry. Today’s online fave is Etsy jewelry, and here are some of my favorite pieces.

1. Monogram necklace

This baby I got from PersonalizedNecklace and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t show up in the picture above, but it is an amazing rosegold necklace. I am such a sucker for monograms, and this is the prettiest monogram necklace I have found to date. For reference I have the 18″ chain, and it comes a little below my collarbones.

2. Gold cross necklace

This baby is my newest necklace, and I got it from AnoushkaDesigns. It’s teeny tiny, which makes it quite modest. The lock has a beautiful pearl on it, and I love wearing my hair up with this one. It sits just between my collarbones, and it’s a good one for wearing with a button up shirt.

3. Gold wishbone necklace and Tiny silver star

I got both of these necklaces from the seller West9th, and these were actually my first Etsy purchases. These are, like the gold cross, very small and perfect for wearing with sweaters that have high necklines. I really love these two, and they are great quality. I’ve had them for years, and they look good as new.

5. The bunny ring

I first saw this on Laura’s Instagram, and I fell in love. How cute is this? I got mine from xuanqirabbit, and I just love it. Downside to this one is that it gets caught on everything. 

6. Bumble Bee ring

Yes, I got this partly because I feel a bit like Beyoncé. I bought this ring off of SpiffingJewelery and I really like it. Only thing is the bee itself was never really gold, like in the description picture. But it’s kind of rosegold, which I am actually quite pleased about.



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