The easy lip


So for the most part I’m really lazy with my lips; meaning, I’ll dash on a bit of “my lips but better/darker/pinkier/etc” colour when doing my face, and then carry on with the day and just applying my beloved Reve de Miel. I’ll carry around an arsenal of differing lip products in my bag – like most girls I’m sure – but I rarely re-apply more than twice. Recently though, I have rekindled an old flame and completely fallen in love with the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in “Bettina“.

Quite a dark colour for me, but one that works really well with a more tanned skin tone. It’s quite old lady like in the way that it’s both rosy and nude. The pink is on a purple side (it appears more red/orange on pictures than in real life), and it goes a bit towards brown – this makes it kind of a daring choice for me, but with this one it’s all about the texture. It goes on quite heavy as it is a pencil, but when blended into the lips it works like a lipstick-lipstain hybrid. The texture is so soft and balmy, and it’s quite matte. I just really enjoy wearing this, and by the looks of it I’m moving towards a re-purchase very soon. I love falling in love with products all over again, and having had this one for quite some time I think I’m ready to try out some more shades from Nars. Any suggestions?


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